Mitrovica Winter University 2011

Deadline: 1 December 2010
Open to: all students
Venue: 23 January 2011 – 4 February 2011, Mitrovica, Kosovo

University and the Student Parliament with the support from SPARK,  will organize Mitrovica Winter University 2011. MWU is offering 6 courses during the period of two weeks. Each course will be co-taught by an international professor and a local co-professor.  A course lasts 10 working days with 8 hours of daily work. Successful participants will receive an official ECTS-compatible “Winter University Certificate“. Next to the academic courses, parties, drinks, weekend excursions, field trips, sports tournaments, and debates will be organized for all participants.

Selection criteria

The following selection criteria apply to participants studying in Mitrovica

  1. Enrolment: To participate in the MWU, you have to currently be studying in Mitrovica
  2. Course relevance: Students are only admitted to a course that is relevant to their studies at their-home university, i.e. a course that fits into their study path
  3. English language proficiency: English is the working language at the MWU. All applicants who fulfill the selection criteria must do an English test. The test will be organised by SPARK after the application procedure in order to make a fair selection for participation in the MWU
  4. Grades: Student will have to indicate their grades at the application form

The following selection criteria apply to all other students

  1. Course relevance: Students are only admitted to a course that is relevant to their studies at their home university, i.e. a course that fits into their study path.
  2. English language proficiency: When applying, you will be asked to give an indication of your level of understanding of the English language. Please answer this question honestly. Note that the working language at the MWU will be English only (only for some courses translation will be provided). Students whose English skills turn out to be too low will not be able to participate properly and, therefore, will be removed from class.
  3. Motivation letter – within application form.

Approximately 90 students out of 150 participants will be from Mitrovica, 35 from Southeast Europe and 25 from the EU/other.


Two types of scholarships

  • Scholarships for participants who study in Mitrovica, but who do not live there (full scholarship)
  • Scholarship for students from South East Europe (full scholarship)

Students from EU and outside can not apply for scholarship but lectures and classes are tuition free for them as well.


For the past four years students were accommodated in hotels and private dormitories. It seems that this year it Is going to be different and students will be accommodated in students dormitories within University campus. Food will be served in student cafeteria and restaurant. Vegetarian meals will be provided.


  • Cultural heritage
  • Slavistic studies
  • Diplomacy and communication
  • European Integration and Western Balkans
  • Marketing in Digital Age
  • Sustainable architecture

Each course will be taught by an international professor and a local co-professor. Successful participants will gain an official Certificate of the Mitrovica Winter University which includes between 3 and 4 ECTS credits. All the courses will be taught in English, some with simultaneous translation into Serbian.


You can apply online here or visit SPARK office in Kosovska Mitrovica,
Kralja Petra I bb (1st flour above Raiffeisen Bank).

For more information and online applications visit Official website

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