Millennium Youth Camp, Finland

Deadline: 15 December 2010
Open to: young people aged 16-19 are eligible for the camp
Fee: Free of charge, organizers will take care of all costs, including flight tickets and other travel costs
Venue: 11-17 June 2011, Finland

The target of the international Millennium Youth Camp (MY Camp) is to find young talents and help them start up a career in science and technology. MY Camp also aims to raise awareness of the educational and working opportunities available in Finland and promoting the Millennium Technology Prize, Finland’s tribute to developers of life-enhancing technological innovations, awarded by Technology Academy Finland.

Students network with each other, with individuals in Finnish companies and organisations, and with top scientists. During the one-week-camp, MY Campers are introduced to a number of Finnish companies and higher educational institutions. In addition to lectures, workshops and visits to MY Camp partners, the programme includes project work supervised by top-level experts and carried out in small multi-national groups.

The main themes are:

  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Natural Resources and Energy
  • Wate
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Digitalisation
  • Applied Mathematics


MY Camp’s programme includes lectures, workshops, meetings with top Finnish scientists, team work, visits to the cooperating organisations and also some leisure.

  • Saturday 11 June: Welcome to Finland evening gathering
  • Sunday 12 June: Free time in Helsinki
  • Monday 13 June: Visit to the University of Helsinki
  • Tuesday 14 June: Visits to MY Camp cooperating companies
  • Wednesday 15 June: Millennium Technology Prize
  • Thursday 16 June: Visit to the Aalto University and MY Camp Gala
  • Friday 17 June: Nature expedition and farewell party
  • Saturday 18 June: Departure from MY Camp 2011


All young people aged 16-19 are eligible for the camp.


The application process is two-pronged:

  • In the first phase, 100 applicants will be selected for the second round by the MY Camp steering group. The results of the first round will be published at the MY Camp website on 1 February 2011.
  • Among the 100 second round applicants, 30 young people will be selected by the steering group to participate in the 2011 MY Camp. The final results will be published on the MY Camp website on 15 March 2011.

Application form

Official Webpage

14 thoughts on “Millennium Youth Camp, Finland

  1. It is really a good chance to learn, the best possible way. I will get a chance to meet the international youth, university. technology, culture and feel the nature. All in one shot. I want to make it to the final group.
    Ravi teja

    1. Dear Tamara,

      Please note that Mladiinfo does not give scholarships or any financial support, but only informs about different opportunities. Click on the direct link to the official page above to apply for the program.

      Kind regards,

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