Anna Lindh Foundation Grants

Deadline: 01/11/2010
Open to:
All Interested from ALF Euro-Med Network
minimum amount: EUR 10,000, maximum amount: EUR 20,000
Date: Short Term Project: 1 February – 31 July 2011


The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, based in Alexandria, Egypt, is an international organization registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt. During the Heads of State and Governments’ Summit of Paris (July 2008) and the following Euro-Med Ministerial Meeting of Marseille (November 2008), the Anna Lindh Foundation was recognized as an institution of the Union for the Mediterranean. Its overall aim is the promotion of intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity. The Foundation shall bring the people of the region together for better understanding and sharing common values.

The Anna Lindh Foundation functions as a network of 43 national networks. In order to fulfill its objectives, the ALF supports – through grants – the projects submitted by the members of its networks.

In this framework, Calls for Proposals are an instrument to mobilise the National Networks and support the implementation of concrete actions of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society; these actions should generate multiplying effects beyond the completion of the granted proposal.

The present Call for Proposals is funded through the financial contribution of the Euro-Med governments.


In a context of rapid internationalization of economies and cultural production, globalization causes an important increase of inter- and trans-national migration flows. Diversity and migration are nowadays major challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The region has indeed became a laboratory for identities, integration and diversity management, where the traditional South-North challenge is evolving into a more complex context. Stereotypes and stigmatization are concerns that have to be tackled; at the same time, the role of the migrant as a major mediator for intercultural understanding and dialogue in the region is becoming the more and more significant. It is for these reasons that the ALF has made of Cities, Migrants and Diversity its priority field of action for the 2010 Call for Project Proposals.

2.1 Fields of Action
Applications to this Call for Short Term Project Proposals must focus on the following strategic fields of action identified by the Foundation:
* Cities, Migrants and Diversity
* Co-existence and Culture of Peace
Integrated approaches combining the different thematic components in one or more of the strategic fields and associating diversified stakeholders will be considered an asset.

2.2 Target Group
Applications should preferably target in their activities:
Youth, in order to involve them in a culture of dialogue and critical thinking to face common challenges;
* Migrants, as they represent a human and cultural bridge among the cultures of the area.
* Women, as they are key actors for change;

Priority will be given to projects including the following:
* Intergenerational work, where youth is interacting with older generations;
* Involvement of discriminated or marginalized social groups and individuals;
* Participation of civil society leaders, opinion makers and public figures.


The overall indicative amount allocated for funding projects in the framework of this call is EUR 500,000. The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures reserves the right not to award all available funds.

3.1 Size of grants
Under this call, the ALF will award grants between the following minimum and maximum amounts:
* Minimum amount: EUR 10,000
* Maximum amount: EUR 20,000

The ALF financial support shall not exceed 60% of the total eligible costs of the action for applicants from European countries1 and 70% for applicants from Mediterranean partner countries

The balance must be financed from:
1. The applicant’s own financial resources (compulsory financial contribution);
2. The partners’ own financial resources (not compulsory financial contribution);
3. Sources other than the ALF (such as European Commission etc.) (not compulsory financial contribution).

3.2 Terms of Payment
Payment will be made in accordance to the following schedule:
1. First installment of pre-financing (60%) after signing the grant contract and reception of the payment request by the Contracting Authority.
2. Final payment (balance) after submission of the final narrative and financial reports and approval of consistency and completeness by the ALF.


These guidelines set out the rules for the submission, selection and implementation of actions financed in the framework of this call.

4.1 Eligibility of the Project Proposed
A project is a coherent set of activities having defined operational objectives, target groups and planned outcomes. A project must achieve particular aims and accomplish specific results within a limited time frame.

Projects should be designed in response to the specific needs of the target groups. The general programme of activities of an organization/institution cannot be considered a project.
* A project must start no later than 1 month after the signature of the grant contract with a maximum duration of 8 months:
– 6 months maximum for the preparation and implementation of all the project activities indicated in the work plan and the project evaluation (1 February – 31 July 2011),
– 1 month for final reporting (31 August 2011) and

All projects have to be implemented between 1 February and 31 July 2011, no exception can be made.- 1 month for the verification the final reports by the Foundation (30 September 2011).
* Projects must ONLY take place in one or more of the 43 Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Countries.
* Projects funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation should not have profit-making purposes. Any profit generated by the project funded by the Foundation should be re-injected in the budget of the project.
* Only projects that fall under article II of the statutes of the ALF ( are eligible for funding. They might include youth exchanges, artistic events, training courses, research projects, conferences, publications, etc.

The following types of projects are ineligible:
– Projects fully concerned or mainly concerned with individual sponsorships for participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses;
– Projects fully or mainly concerned with individual scholarships for studies or training courses;
– Feasibility studies;
– Projects with an ideological objective which is not in line with the Foundation’s mission;
– Sub granting of a project is not allowed.


Contact Information:
Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Conference Centre Building, Alexandria 21111 – Egypt
Fax: +20 3 482 0471

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