UN Citizen Ambassadors Video Contest

Deadline: 23/08/2010

The United Nations launched a video contest to invite young people from around the world to tell leaders what the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals mean to them.

The campaign is organized by the Department of Public Information (DPI) in partnership with YouTube, UNDP, the UN Foundation (UNF), French broadcaster TV5Monde and with support from Flip Video.

The winners will be invited to United Nations Headquarters in New York in October for UN Day 2010.


*You are 18 years old or older
*From any country (mention it on your YouTube profile)

Video requirements

*Your video should be 2 minutes or shorter
*It is recorded in any language but with English or French subtitles
*Your video has never been published and is original
*Choose one of the following questions as the subject of your video:

• Why are the Millennium Development Goals important to you and your family?
• What is your community, city or country doing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?
• How can the international community better work together to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

How do I enter the contest?

1. Watch any of the call-for-entry videos
2. Click in the comments box directly below the video
3. On the right of the box you will see an icon with a “Attach a video” link – click here
At the top you should see the following text: “You are posting a Video Response to: [Name] invites you to be a Citizen Ambassador to the UN
Click “Choose a video” to select a video you have already uploaded, or click “Upload a video” to upload a new video.  
Your video will require approval by a moderator, so please be patient while we finalize your submission.

For more info click here.

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