“Music Against Poverty” song contest

Deadline: 30/09/2010

The European Commission launches the European Music Contest calling young Europeans, between 15 and 25, to submit a song expressing support to the fight against poverty in the world.The music contest is part of the “I fight poverty campaign”, dedicated to raise awareness among teenagers on the EU’s action in the field of development cooperation.a


1.Each participant should create an original song on the general issue of development, and notably on the eight Millennium Development Goals
– Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
– Achieve Universal Primary Education
– Promote Gender Equality
– Reduce Child Mortality
– Improve Maternal Health
– Combat HIV/AIDS
– Malaria and Other Diseases
– Ensure Environmental Sustainability
– Develop a Global Partnership for Development.

2.The song along with information about the participant should be submitted online through the official web page of the contest.

The selection of the wining participants will be done by online voting, and with the help of a professional jury.There will be two winners, one based on the online voting, and one chosen by the jury. The names of these winners will be released no later than November.


The two wining authors will get the opportunity for  a professional studio recording of their songs, and the opportunity to perform the song during the European Development Days which will take place in December 2010 in Brussels.

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