Masters Digital Media in Bremen, Germany

The Master of Arts is issued at the University of the Arts Bremen. The other Universities (University of Bremen, University of Applied Sciences Bremen and University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven) issue the Master of Sciences degree.

Deadline: 31/05/2010
Open to:
people with a BA in a relevant field
170 euro per semester


In order to be accepted for the program, applicants will need a surpassing Bachelor degree in a relevant field (e.g. Digital Media, Computer Science, Media Design) and proof of good English language Skills (TOEFL, IELTS or similar). Furthermore, applicants have to hand in several accompanying documents, such as letters of recommendation, a letter of motivation and a portfolio of relevant prior academic and non-academic work.


The Master program is four semesters long and structured in a very flexible way. The first semester offers introductory and regular courses. A major part of the second and third semester is reserved for the Master’s Project, which constitutes a significant part of the program. It is accompanied with regular courses. The last semester is primarily intended for the Master Thesis.

Free education

This master’s program comes at nearly no cost. There’s no application fee.

Enrolled students are only charged an administration fee of 170 Euro per semester, most of which is accounted for by the “Semesterticket” that allows students to use public transportation in and around Bremen free of charge, including travels to the cities of Hamburg and Hanover. If you never use your “Semesterticket,” you can get a full refund for it.

The German federal state of Bremen has issued a law according to which students have to pay tuition fees of five hundred Euros per semester in addition to the amount mentioned above if a) they study for more than 2 semesters without residing and being registered in the state of Bremen, or b) they study for more than 14 semesters. The part of the law concerning the place of residence is currently under scrutiny by a court. To play it safe, international students should make sure to take their principal residence on the territory of the state of Bremen.

Costs of living

Decent meals at moderate prices are offered for students at all four universities.

The University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, which is one of the universities participating in the Master in Digital Media program, has an extensive website for international students addressing various aspects of living in Germany. There is also a section on the DAAD-Website describing the costs of living. Note that some of the information provided there may be specific to the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, and not applicable to the other three universities in our program.


* 31st May 2010: Final Application deadline
* 30th September: Original/attested copies of certificates have to be filled in
* October 2010: Start of classes

How to Apply

The details about your application can be found here. Documents required for the application:

  • Resume
  • Certificate of an accepted bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Certificate of English language proficiency
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Letter of motivation
  • Portfolio (differing from the other documents, you can choose any medium that is appropriate, e.g., a CD-ROM, a DVD, a link to a Web site, a printout)

For more information, go to the official website

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  1. i am a Nigerian from west Africa with 13years experience in a power generation industry name:power holding company of Nigeria,as professional power plant operator.i equally had a degree in actuarial science,university of Lagos,Nigeria.i am interested in studying in your prestigious university for a degree in computer science and am sure my employer will be willing to have me trained in your Honorable institution.can you consider me for admission in the university.

  2. Hello i am from Greece i have a bachelor in Media and Communication and i would like to apply for this Mster. My portofolio is articles in greek is there any problem? What else can i do in order to apply ?Please help me is important for me!Thank you!

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