CL!CK About It

Deadline: 28/06/2010

CL!CK About It is a worldwide photo competition organised with The European Journalism Centre. The contest aims to display signs of economic, social, cultural or climactic shifts in neighborhoods around the world and to create a mosaic of images from all corners of the globe to showcase how local communities are developing. Do you see signs of economic, social, cultural or climactic shifts in your neighbourhood?


* the contest is FREE to enter
* the contest is open to all individuals who have reached the age of 18 at the time of the entry:
* the contest is open world-wide excluding residents of Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan, and Syria;
* max number of entries per person is 10.

The top winner will receive a Canon Digital Rebel camera, and second and third place winners will receive FLIP Mino HD cameras.

Submission procedure
To enter the contest the applicants need to complete the online registration form and submit the photo/s.
For more specific info about the rules click here.

The submission deadline is 28th June 2010.

More detailed info

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