TV call for students’ news reports

Companhia de Ideias is a Portuguese television production company and they are currently producing a new tv programme called EuroTwitt.

EuroTwitt is a weekly show (25 minutes long) for young people, where they can learn about all the European current affairs / interesting events. Inspired by the popular social network Twitter, the show features short-news reports, short interviews and humour sketches; and will begin broadcasting in March 2010. The goal is to provide and divulge information in a short entertaining programme.

Topic and eligibility
As the show is aimed at young European people with an interest in the EU and related topics, they are including a spot in the show for tv news reports by journalism students from all over Europe. Therefore all journalism/audiovisual students are invited to send us their news reports to be aired on the show. These should be about any topic of interest to the EU in general – the idea is to provide feedback from different countries and events all over Europe.

Those interested in participating and having there news reports broadcast on Portuguese national television (RTP2) and on the internet (You Tube / Vimeo) can send their material according to these descriptions:

–         720×576 PAL (best quality image)
–         mov
–         4:3
–         Duration: 1 to 2 minutes
–         Language: English

It can be sent to the following addresses:

Internet (e.g.: You Send It / Send Stuff): / /

Companhia de Ideias
Avenida Antonio Augusto de Aguiar
150F, 2 – esquerdo
1050-021 Lisbon

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