UPG Biashara Initiative – FREE Support for Entrepreneurs

Deadline: 31 December 2023
Open to: entrepreneurs from around the world
Benefits: free program for those who are selected


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to become an entrepreneur? UPG Biashara is an initiative that supports entrepreneurs in their journey to turn ideas into businesses. This unique opportunity is open to anyone interested in setting up a business and includes strengthening existing enterprises. It is a FREE program for those who are selected and it provides training in hard skills and soft skills, as well as exposure and global networking and more – all designed to make entrepreneurs more successful. Successful candidates become certified after the training and then they enjoy several months of ongoing support, all for FREE. If you have ever dreamt of having access to a business school and/or a business incubator, then this is your chance to have both! The first challenge is to be among the top applicants who are selected for this international program.
The #UPGBiashara Class of 2023 enjoyed: 52 classes, 78 hours of class time, 36 instructors, 397 pitches. In addition, as part of the #UPGBiashara Action Journey several entrepreneurs received grants of at least USD 5,000 – one person received USD 10,000 and another USD 20,000. ALL these benefits were FREE for those who are selected to become UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs. Do you know someone who would LOVE to become a stronger entrepreneur? Invite them to APPLY now, and you can also Nominate an Entrepreneur!

The UPG Biashara Experience 

  • Through this initiative, UPG supports 350+ entrepreneurs every year and provides funding to selected entrepreneurs. The program is structured into a Learning Journey and an Action Journey and the program is international – with entrepreneurs from all world regions.
  • The UPG Biashara Learning Journey provides skills to current and aspiring entrepreneurs through a curriculum that is delivered together with partners and collaborators – expert individuals and organisations. It includes capacity-building activities ranging from identifying and developing solutions to writing business plans, to marketing, to concluding sales with customers, managing conflict, building and managing teams and more. The Learning Journey is a 6-week program.
  • The UPG Biashara Action Journey provides support to entrepreneurs as they focus on building and strengthening their businesses. This support comes in various forms including exposure, networking, funding, mentorship, ongoing education and more. This ongoing support continues for at least 6 months.


1.Anyone who is running a business or dreams of running a business.
2.UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs include:
-people who are running a business or who have run businesses in the past
-people who have an idea about a business that they would love to build AND people who have NO specific IDEA
-people from all world regions
-people aged 18 years and over
-people of different levels of education
-people who have a strong motivation to learn or to learn more about entrepreneurship
-people who believe in UPG’s mission to empower people to make the world a better place through positive action.
3.This diversity means that everyone stands a chance when we make the selection of the final UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs. Please note that your age is minimum 18 years. This ensures that all participants are considered adults for the duration of the cycle, from application to selection and throughout the entireUPG Biashara experience.
4. Being part of the UPG community is an advantage but not mandatory. You can Join the UPG Community by using this link: https://unitedpeople.global/join/


  • Master the skills for business: writing business plans, networking, management, leadership, marketing, customer service and so much more
  • Learn how to mobilize resources to grow and strengthen enterprises
  • Possibility to WIN Grants of at least USD 5,000 to be invested in your business
  • Be part of a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Enjoy 6+ months of a support system as you run your business FREE! For successful applicants

How to apply?

Applications must be completed online; applications that are mailed, faxed or emailed to UPG will not be accepted.
The Deadline is December 31, 2023
Application link: https://biashara.unitedpeople.global/

For more information please visit the official website.