Artists Development Residency Program

Deadline: 31 March 2023
Open to: European Artists under 35 years old
Benefits: Living space, allowance, contribution to the production, roundtrip travel


The ADP offers emerging European visual artists a three-month residency at Cité internationale des arts in Paris, enabling them to develop their practice and create a new (body of) work(s), boosted by the mentorship of a renowned artist. In 2023, the recipients will be mentored by acclaimed Franco-Italian artist Tatiana Trouvé.

• For EU Members, on the theme “Disruption: The imprint of man”.

“Disruption: The Imprint of Man” aims to offer a unique vantage point on the Anthropocene. Building on the past residency theme “Anthropocene — The Imprint of Man” (2014-2017), “Disruption” broadens the focus beyond the environment to include topical social issues in the European Union: the decline of solidarity and respect as values, generational clashes, and the meaning of intra and international relations. Artists are invited to meditate on human behaviour and its consequences. “Disruption” is therefore understood not only in its physical sense, but also as a social, cultural and behavioural phenomenon.

• For artists from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldavia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey or Ukraine, more information can be found here

• For artists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg or Slovakia, more information can be found here


•For EU Members

• Born after 1 January, 1988 (in the case of an artist duo, both members must be aged 35 or under)

• EU nationals (in the case of an artist duo, both members must be EU nationals)

• Fluency in English

• For non-EU Members

• Born after 1 January 1988 (in the case of an artist duo, both members must be aged 35 or under)

• Nationals of Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Türkiye or Ukraine (in the case of an artist duo, both members must be a national of one of these countries)

• Fluency in English


The EIB Institute will cover the artist’s travel costs to and from Paris (for the residency).

The artist will receive an €80 (eighty euro) flat-rate daily allowance to cover their living costs during the residency and all or part of the production costs, and will be provided with a live-in studio space.

In addition to the above, the artist will be granted a contribution towards production of €500 (five hundred euro) at the beginning of the residency and a success fee of €1 000 (one thousand euro) at the end of the residency, provided that they have produced a work or body of works.

Upon completion of the residency, the EIB may consider acquiring an artwork produced on-site by the artist.

How to Apply?

Candidates’ files must contain the following elements:

•  A CV in English (four pages maximum) including education, professional experience, individual and collective exhibitions and media coverage.

• A cover letter (in English) with ideas to explore during the residency (maximum 700 words).

• A portfolio (eight pages maximum in A4 PDF format) presenting a representative selection of the candidate’s work.

For more information, visit the official website.