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Professional Internship in Amsterdam

Do you want to obtain international experience and spend 3 months in one of the most amazing cities in the world – Amsterdam? Then we invite you for a 3-month professional internship within the company in Amsterdam! During this period, you will be working in your professional area and getting new experience.

Professional Internship in Amsterdam is a great boost for your career! You will learn how processes of your professional sphere are going here, get new knowledge and skills and gain international experience that is essential in the modern labour market.

And of course, you will access a multinational network! Do you know that more than 70% of the jobs in the Netherlands are found via networks? That means that if you only send your CV to open vacancies your chances to find a job are quite small. But if you come here, spend a period of time in a business environment, establish useful contacts – your chances will increase significantly. So, if you come to the Netherlands for 3 months and work on a project within the company – you have a good chance to get the placement afterward. Anyway, you have enough opportunities to create a network and look for a job after the internship.

Professional Internship in Amsterdam is the unique opportunity to:

  • Get international experience
  • Build a professional network within the EU
  • Boost your CV to make it more attractive
  • Improve international communication skills
  • Get specialized knowledge and skills in your professional area


Step 1
You apply with your CV and let us know that you would like to find an internship in the Netherlands. Together with your CV, you provide us with information about your professional background and expectations about the internship.

Step 2
Based on your application we start looking for a placement for you. Mostly we search for companies in Amsterdam.

Step 3
We find a company able to host you. It can be a large international company or a small NGO, a public body, or a private entity. Types of companies are very different and depend a lot on your background.

Stage 4
When the company is found, mostly you attend a video call to discuss the opportunities. When everything is agreed we start legal procedures.

Stage 5
We send you a visa invitation (if needed) and then you can arrange your trip to the Netherlands. Upon your arrival, we meet you in the city of destination, provide accommodation, registration, and settle other formalities.


There are no restrictions depending on age, nationality, or other criteria. Everyone is welcome to apply! However, it is true that if you have a strong profile with higher education and good experience – more companies will be interested to invite you for the internship. If your profile is more modest – the choice of companies might be not too big. Though, we are sure a candidate with any background can find an interesting internship in the Netherlands!


Description Fee
Option 1: Internship in Stichting Libertas International (The Netherlands Education Group)*.


€ 1500
Option 2: Internship in Stichting Libertas International (The Netherlands Education Group) + Accommodation. “All-in-price” package!


€ 2500


Option 3: Internship in another Dutch company**. € 2500


*Any of the following areas: Marketing, Communication, Hospitality, IT, International Development, HR, NGO etc. Accommodation costs are not included in this fee and can be provided upon request. The fee for the accommodation is € 800 per month (shared accommodation).

**Any other special areas (Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine etc.). The choice of the organization depends on your background, preferences, and particular company capabilities. The company can be located in Amsterdam or in another city.

In addition to the placement in the organization, every fee includes:

  • Training upon arrival on Dutch business culture
  • Mentorship during your Internship
  • Regular consultations and guidance on the progress of the internship
  • Professional educational program helping you to gain new skills and knowledge needed for a labour market
  • Assistance with creating a professional network
  • Coaching on finding a job in The Netherlands
  • Visa invitation (if needed)
  • Administrative support

What is the difference between Professional Internship at Stichting Libertas International (The Netherlands Education Group) and another organization?

Stichting Libertas International is our organization. It is an educational institution and an NGO. We organize study programs and other projects for people from different countries. We have various directions of work and we can offer diverse opportunities for the internship. You can do an internship with us in the field of marketing, communication, and other areas. We can also offer internships in areas not directly linked to study programs, for example, consulting, legal, etc. You can check our courses page to see what we do and get an idea of what we could offer for an internship. You can work within any of the areas where we are working or in related cross-topic areas. However, if you are interested in the internship in another specific field – for example, engineering, fashion, construction, or some other area where we do not work – we can offer you an internship in another organization. Also if you want to do an internship in the area where we work but for some reason prefer another organization for the internship – we can arrange that for you. You can tell us in which area you would like to have the internship, what are your expectations – and we will find the relevant organization. So if you choose the internship in another organization – we will find another organization in accordance with your preferences where you could conduct your internship. 

The program that we offer is not just a professional internship within the organization. This is a complex study program where you will develop your professional skills and knowledge in a particular field while working on a project within the company.

“All in price”, package? 

The accommodation in Amsterdam is indeed expensive. In fact, Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find cheap accommodation here.

If you want to come for the Professional Internship program and not necessarily stay in Amsterdam, we can offer you “All-in price” package for € 2500. The fee includes:

  • 3 months of internship within the Netherlands Education Group
  • Consultation on career development and mentorship during your stay
  • Analysis of your CV and recommendations on finding a suitable job
  • Accommodation for 3 months (might be provided in another city or in Amsterdam – depending on the availability at the moment of your arrival)
  • Transfer from the airport to the accommodation upon arrival

Within this option we can’t guarantee you the accommodation in Amsterdam (it can be another city). But don’t forget that the Netherlands is a very small country and wherever you stay, you will not spend more than 1-2 hours on the road to your desired destination.

If you are interested in this option, 100% pre-payment must be provided.

Please note the internship will be unpaid. That means you will not receive any financial benefits for your work. However, if you show good performance there is a high chance that you will find a well-paid job right after the internship.


Please send your  CV to and indicate “Professional Internship in Amsterdam” in the subject. Please provide detailed information on your expectations about the internship.

For more information please visit the official website.