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A revolutionary travel shopping app for the exceptional traveling shopaholic. Buy till your heart’s content and ship your purchased items home directly from the shops you visit while traveling. The ability to send your travel shopping home from any shop you visit in the world will not only save time for tourists, it will increase revenue to small shops around the world. 75% of tourists said they would spend more if they could send their purchases home with the Pigee app. Pigee: Shopping that makes it’s own way home.
Pigee is currently raising $100k via crowdfunding so that the team can conduct the second pilot in Bali early 2023. Whilst they have now proven the technical and unit economics hypothesis, they need to be on the ground to prove PMF. By doing this they will increase investor attractiveness when we go onto the following $4m Seed round.
Hurry up only 10 days are left for raising this amount!

Pigee is a new type of mobile marketplace app that converts any shop you visit on vacation into your own personal Amazon-like store. Tapping into the $300Bn logistics industry by charging a commission for shipping from locations you travel to. Our niche in the global logistics industry will lead to a $1.4bn revenue.

With an award winning 4x founder and great team. Pigee operates a unique niche in a logistics market with 40% 5Y CAGR and $49bn market potential. Pigee has partnerships with FedEx, UPS and Lion Parcel.

Pigee – The Homing Pigeon will change the way travel shopping is done forever. Not only will it increase revenues for small shop owners. It will improve the shopping and travel experience of global travellers and expats.

Pigee is the first company to bring to market an application to alleviate the common pain points caused by inefficient shipping and high luggage fees at airports.
All eyes are on Pigee’s progress and this was shown earlier this year when the app appeared in the national press the i-Newspaper to 8 million readers before the team had even launched version 1. Then Pigee received the Global Business Award for ‘Most Innovative Shopping Delivery App 2022‘.
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