Interchange 5 – Free Design Course

Deadline: 5 September 2022
Open to: applicants from N.Macedonia
Benefits: free program


Interchange 5 is an independent initiative offering free advanced, practice-driven design education through dialogue and experience.

This initiative aims to ensemble five enthusiasts eager to learn and expand their views, while diving into the known and unknown, and reaching out individually-generated surfaces as learnthusiasts.

Being unable to transform our lived experiences into knowledge and to use the already acquired knowledge as a process to unveil new knowledge, we will never be able to participate attentively in a dialogue as a process of learning and knowing.

activities per week

  • w/1 focus/research
  • w/2 analysis
  • w/3 development
  • w/4 talk/demonstration

activities per month

  • one individual forecast
  •  one read [book/publication]
  • recycling and listening session
  •  one student lecture
  • two guest lectures

annual pursuit

  • each learnthusiast should have completed one individual project/piece/initiative  by the end of the interchange cycle


Applicants from N.Macedonia with educational background in formal, informal or continuing education affiliated with fine/applied arts, design, literature or technology.


Free advanced, practice-driven design education through dialogue and experience.

How to apply?

 Please have the following documents prepared in .pdf format and send them to

1. Artistic or conceptual portfolio

2. Motivational letter [containing 3 to 4  concise paragraphs and no more than 400 words in total]

3. Curriculum Vitae

Documents can be written in Macedonian or English.

For more information please visit the official website. Or check the Instagram profile.