Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu w Gdańsku – 3 open calls for volunteers in Poland

3 open calls for volunteers THIS SUMMER: 2 replacement calls and 1 team volunteering call. More details are published in Youth Portal. Simply please follow links below marked with blue.

Team volunteering | Summer education-European Volunteer Capital Gdańsk
 20 volunteers for a 3-week programme whose main goal is to promote the engagement, education and practice of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through non-formal activities to kids and local community. The project is divided into 3 main phases: Integration. We will carry out welcome activities to ensure the proper adaptation of the volunteers among them and within the city. Training. You will receive lectures concerning SDGs and other needed disciplines to help you prepare the workshops. Workshops. The volunteers will be divided into groups to prepare SDGs workshops and present them to children in schools. In the meantime we prepared many educational activities for volunteers and for local community.

Dates: 18.07 – 09.08.2022

Deadline to apply: 15.06.2022

Open Yourself for volunteering – support Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk – replacement position

Aim of our organization is to promote the idea of ​​volunteering and civic activity for the benefit of organizations, institutions and people as well as comprehensive support for people and institutions interested such activity. We are the only organization of this kind in Gdańsk and the only one supporting volunteering in the regional area. We are looking for 2 young and motivated persons TO SUPPORT our organization in daily activities and learn new skills. Areas that we want to offer to volunteers are closely related to the profile of our activity: VOLUNTEER OFFICE, SCHOOL VOLUNTEERING, HUMANITARIAN CRISIS RESPONSE, EUROPEAN VOLUNTEER CAPITAL, GDANSK VOLUNTEER WEEK, HELP PROMOTING our initiatives and DEVELOPMENT of our website and SOCIAL MEDIA.

Dates: 03.07-20.09.2022

Deadline to apply: 20.06.2022

Gdańsk Ecological Volunteering Centre – replacement position

Our goal is building a community of eco-volunteers and eco-leaders. We will encourage local society to act, participate in campaigns and sharing knowledge. For this project we would like to host one volunteer who will take part in this initiative. We offer You not only the opportunity to learn about the functioning of a local volunteer centre, but also to co-create activities and initiatives, to create innovative solutions in the field of ecological volunteering, working with students and other local volunteers no matter the age. Key aspects of the project are: EDUCATION, PROMOTION, NETWORKING, ECO-AWARENESS, SUSTAINABILITY.

Dates: 05.07-05.09.2022

Deadline to apply: 20.06.2022