Your Caribbean Story Student Competition

Deadline: 28 February 2022
Open to: university students studying in the independent English-speaking countries of the Caribbean / citizens/students of those countries studying abroad
Benefits: prizes as high as US$3,500


The Caribbean is a unique region, comprised of many nations and territories across the Caribbean Sea with varying geography and geology. Situated largely on the Caribbean plate with more than 700 islands, reefs and cays it has a tropical climate shaped by natural hazards and vulnerability to critical issues such as sea level rise, coastal erosion, precipitation and landslides. The Caribbean islands have some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The land of the Caribbean is home to many different people with varied cultural backgrounds and heritage. The waters of the Caribbean are home to many types of fish, coral reef and seagrass and contribute greatly to the biodiversity in the region as well as the local economy.

What inspires you? Your neighborhood, your school, your community? Perhaps a people or place whose story needs to be told? Maybe it’s an app to help collect some type of data for your community?

The #YourCaribbeanStory competition allows students like you to tell your story while encouraging spatial thinking and promoting research across the region. And for winners of the competition… A chance to secure an intern/externship.

This is the pilot competition for the Caribbean region and will be the first in a series. This competition is designed to increase awareness and improve geospatial capacity toward sustainable development.

Entry topics may focus on areas of the economy, society, or the environment. We especially encourage submissions around the topics of urban planning, sustainable development, health, agriculture, culture, climate and disasters of all kinds. Enter the contest for a chance to win and be recognized for your GIS and storytelling skills.


Who can apply:

  • University students studying in the independent English-speaking countries of the Caribbean
  • Citizens/Students of those countries studying abroad


Prizes will be awarded as below:

  • Best overall submission for Women in GIS – US$3,500 Sponsored by RIEGL USA
  • Best overall submission for Climate Change – US$2,000 Sponsored by Geo1
  • Best overall submission for Sustainability – US$1,000 Sponsored by Trimble
  • Exemplary Research – Intern/Externship – Sponsored by The University of the West Indies
  • Most Innovative Solution for Development – Intern/Externship – Sponsored by Govt. of Jamaica
  • Best App – Intern/Externship – Sponsored by GeoTechVision
  • Best ArcGIS StoryMaps story – Intern/Externship – Sponsored by Esri


For more information, visit the official website.