Career Path Seminar

Deadline: 31 October 2021
Open to: anyone above 18 years
Costs: waiver free tickets and tickets available from 0-50 euros


Craft your own path! In five interactive online workshops learn about yourself and the career path you want to pursue.

What is the Career Path Seminar?

The Career Path Seminar is a way to get you thinking about your first career—or your next career change. The five modules walk you through self-reflection tools and are given by facilitators with unique expertise. Through interactive sessions and close teamwork, you will deconstruct stereotypes and myths, examine how you define success and how to cope with failure. You will come away with an action plan for how to start working towards your own dream path.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale, including a limited number of waiver tickets. Waiver tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They ask that you choose a ticket that you are comfortably able to pay. Solidarity contributions support other participants in taking part.

What to expect?

Monday, 15 November, 6-9pm: What are your skills? by Gábor Sikula

Tuesday, 16 November, 6-9pm: What are your values? by Gitanjali More

Wednesday, 17 November, 6-9pm: Where are you going? by Alexandra Vinczi

Thursday, 18 November, 6-9pm: What skills do you need? by Eszter Boros

Friday, 19 November, 6-9pm: How will you get there? by Eszter Boros

Find out more about the workshop facilitators on our website.


International applicants that are older than 18 years.


Waiver free tickets and 5 evenings of 3 hour workshops with a small group, interactive exercises, preparation and follow-up, optional mentorship; and the overall benefit: clarity on their career goals, supportive community, and a plan to get started with their next career step.

How to apply?

Send you application to

For more information please visit the official website.