Tips for Online Learning during COVID-19

As we all know and feel, today’s corona crisis has drastically changed each aspect of our lives. As humans we have to adapt to these changing circumstances and ‘’rearrange’’ our style of living in order to keep ourselves and others safe. For this reason the educational system has adopted protective measures for ‘’delivering’’ education and lecture to all students. Consequently, students have to adjust themselves to this new ‘covid-19’ learning. So, here are some tips for lessening the process of online-home education for students:

Creating a Deadline Schedule
Online schooling is based on a basic learning management system that provides a specific online platform for listening, administrating and documenting educational courses and programs. For high school and college students, this type of learning can seem a little challenging due to the fact that it functions in a modular format and it is limited to face to face interaction. Hence, it is crucial for all youngsters who follow online lecturers to make a deadline schedule for all planned assignments. This will help them to have the needed time to better acquaint themselves with the concept and goal of the assignment.

Time Management for study, work and other interests
During the process of education, many students are also employees or have in their ‘’sleeves’’ other obligations and responsibilities. To successfully manage and accomplish a routine of different tasks it’s not an easy ‘mission’ for most of the students, but with the proper time management it can surely be done. It is crucial for the students to effectively divide and schedule their time during the day in order to ‘meet’ with all the challenges ahead in their routine.

Maintaining regular communication
Virtually attending online lecturers and courses creates the opportunity for joining different team groups and be part of different team assignments. During this process of learning and working on projects, students have the chance of establishing regular communication with their classmates and their professors. Whether it is through Zoom, Skype, email, phone call or other form of online-communication they are forming a bond that can later flourish in long-lasting friendship or partnership.

Equal team work
Working in a team usually ‘demands’ each team member to take a full responsibility and commitment to their unique part of the assignment. Therefore, it is important to divide the teamwork on time and consult it with each member individually so they can earlier acquaint themselves with their given part of the assignment and finish it before the deadline. It will be efficiently for the team if each member will have an equal but different task and all members could work together on finishing the main assignment.

Active Participation
Whether the student is part of an online course or he/she is attending it in-person, being an active participant shows your professor that you want to engage in the discussion, that you want to learn, and that you are willing to make an effort to become a successful student.

Concluding Thoughts
Currently, the online learning is the only way of learning for many students. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the whole process of teaching and learning has transformed into a virtual channel of teaching and learning. Even though, most of the students are accustomed to the face-to face education, with the above-mentioned tips, each student can create an easier way for him/her to adjust to the current educational system. Above all, maintaining clear and open lines of communication with the professors and classmates, as well as, staying engaged in the course material will definitely ensure success for all students during this challenging time.

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