International Wildlife Photo Competition

Deadline: 30 April 2021
Open to: any individual photographer
Award: total value of prizes is 40.000 EUR


AFPAN “L’Or Vert” (Association for the Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival) organizes a free digital photography and filmed sequences competition for its International Wildlife Photography Festival taking place from 17th to 20th November 2021 in Montier-en-Der (Haute-Marne, France).

A distinct “junior” category is available for participants aged under 16 at the closing date of the competition. Each young participant must obtain the permission of a parent or guardian to enter the competition.   The aim of this competition is to show still or filmed images of wild flora, fauna, landscapes, as well as accounts supporting the conservation of habitats, species and biodiversity. By entering the competition, the participants commit to:

  • being the sole owner of the work submitted and having the copyrights and permission to use its content
  • showing their interest in the environment and being mindful of the welfare of wildlife and habitats.
  • ensuring full compliance with any national or international legislation regarding protected species and habitats where the image was taken.

Much importance will be given to the personal work and ethical standards of the photographers, ensuring they comply with the ethics of the competition. Entrants must be able to supply the original image (RAW files or files from the same series or film rushes), explain their work truthfully and accurately and make sure IPTC fields (caption, shooting location …) are filled in.

Categories 1 to 9 will present photos or a video of wilderness – original raw or video rush required. Are allowed: single-shot images that conform to the original, excluding HDR, focus stacking or overprint. The editing is limited to slight modifications to give a realistic view of the scene photographed and without distorting the spirit of the original shooting with the improvement of brightness, contrast or color, recovery, correction optical defects, reversal of reading direction, cropping, black and white processing, and localized retouching.

  1. Wild birds in nature (3 photos maximum)
  2. Wild mammals in nature (3 photos maximum)
  3. Other wild animals in nature (3 photos maximum)
  4. Wild plants (maximum 3 photos)
  5. Graphics, form and matter of nature (3 photos maximum)
  6. Natural landscapes of the world (3 photos maximum)
  7. Still image sequences representing a homogeneous sequence, chronological or harmonious of 3 to 5 images on the previous themes
  8. Film sequence showing a short video of nature (see article 6)
  9. Man and nature (militant or documentary images, 3 photos maximum)
  10. Nature revisited (3 photos maximum)

Will be featured in the “Nature Revisited” category, images using techniques that modify the perception of the original image, such as could not have been achieved in a single shot, software assembly, special technique or effect in the context of aesthetic or creative photographic work that respects the aims and spirit of the competition.


The competition is open to any individual photographer except the technical committee, staff and members of the board of directors of AFPAN « l’Or Vert » – the association organizing the Festival – and the judges.
Please read the full competition rules here.


A 40.000 EUR prize package.

How to apply?

For more information please visit the official website.