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Sound and Visual Technology at the University of Tartu: Study Opportunities and Career Perspectives

Sound and Visual Technology, a master’s programme at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

It may be unusual for students to pursue their studies in a place flanked with massive green fields and quiet lakes. However, Viljandi, a small town in southern Estonia, is the perfect place for your academic grow. Accompanied with your course mates, friends or beloved, or by yourself, here you can enjoy breathtaking views to Lake Viljandi from the heights of medieval castle ruins, take a walk in the old town filled with colorful wooden houses, or treat yourself with delicious pastries in a local café. Every corner of our small town can be reached by foot or by bicycle, enjoying thereby Viljandi’s beautiful details and running errands without worry of transportation. Viljandi’s natural charm and tiny composition are in fact not the only reasons for your coming here.

Viljandi is well-known to be the cultural capital of Estonia; and like larger cities, it offers many events, such as the Viljandi Guitar Festival; the Student Theatre Festival TTP; School Jazz = Jazz School; Dance Week; Public Lecture Series „Own Culture” and much more. Amongst these events, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival stands popular; and this year, it will mark its 28th anniversary. Needless to mention many weekly events that take place in the Estonian Traditional Music Centre, the large national theatre Ugala and Sakala Cultural Centre. The students of the UT Viljandi Culture Academy are fortunate in that these cultural scenes can be places for their practical training.

The UT Viljandi Cultural Academy offers its distinguished international Master of Arts in Sound and Visual Technology. Applicants must submit the required documents online via Dream.Apply (bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification, proof of English language proficiency, etc.). The application is evaluated based on the scores of the motivation letter, portfolio, and the admission interview which is conducted online. Each year, the University of Tartu provides top-admitted students with several scholarships, including the tuition waiver scholarships.

Our professors will assist you and supervise your research to ensure that you grasp the material. In doing so, they conduct traditional classroom teaching, together with practical training so that, besides your theoretical training, you may equally acquires kills pertaining to the practical careers in sound and visual technology. The studies at the Academy take place in three different buildings – the Main Building, the Vilma House and the Music House which consist of (soundproof) classrooms, a recording studio, black and white boxes, a multimedia studio, computer rooms and workshops for the many other specialties the Academy teaches. Students, furthermore, are offered two new dormitories located just a few minutes’ walk from the Academy.

Regarding the curriculum, the first module is dedicated to help you build principal knowledge of the industry. You will take courses in which you will learn for example about entrepreneurship, multi-cultural teams, project management, and so on. The next module regards your specialization. Depending on your preferences, you will be able to choose between two specializations: (a) Sound Technology or (b) Visual Technology. Grouped in teams, and equipped with modern facilities, you and your course mates will be well-prepared to tackle the specialization of your interests. In your third semester, you will be provided the opportunity to apply the knowledge you will have learned so far. Given that UT Viljandi Culture Academy is partnered with numerous organizations, such as the Estonian Public Broadcasting, theaters, and private studios, you will be granted exclusive opportunities to work at the professional level, while simultaneously completing your master’s programme. Before your last semester, you will also get the chance to explore courses outside your specialization; the elective module allows you to expand your academic horizons. In your last semester, you will be ready to assemble your acquired knowledge and to exemplify it either by writing and defending a master’s thesis or by completing a master’s project. Your thesis or project supervisor will be there to help you complete your masterpiece. Once you complete the general requirements of the programme, you will be set for graduation.

Backed up with solid knowledge after your graduation, you will need to decide about your career path. Whether your goal is to become an entrepreneur, or launch leading audiovisual projects at performance institutions, our MA programme is the first step toward reaching your goals.

To that regard, the social life in Viljandi is as diverse as the people who study here. You can join faculty-based student organizations, such as the Student Union and the Student Choir. These organizations plan events of multiple kinds, ranging from sport nights, parties and concerts to performances and exhibitions. You will, in short, love it here without question!

If you are interested in a master’s program regarding music, theatre, or film industry, our MA in “Sound and Visual Technology” is your perfect choice.

To learn more, check out the Sound and Visual Technology programme page.