5 tips for choosing your UNYP MBA concentration

For many of life’s choices, we depend on search engines and social networks to lead us: what phone to buy, when to get your brakes tested, which restaurant to pick for your birthday dinner. But certain decisions require more than a cursory Google search, and one of them is your MBA concentration. 

Of course, you will always have the option of choosing a traditional MBA in Management, which will provide you with a broad knowledge base. But other specializations offer different possibilities, and a degree focusing on, say, finance or marketing will shape the course of your future. An MBA degree from the University of New York in Prague will give you an extensive education that will carry your career to another level, whether you are interested in starting your own business, becoming vice-president of an international corporation, or merely rising as a business professional. In a similar way to undergraduate students choosing a major, MBA student scan choose a concentration before they begin their course, and this is especially common in the American education system.

If you are considering pursuing an MBA degree at UNYP, you have probably already asked yourself which concentration you should choose. The University of New York in Prague has five distinct MBA specializations: ManagementEntrepreneurshipFinanceMarketing, and Project Management. If you are having a hard time deciding  which specialization is best for your particular career goals, take a look at our guide to selecting a specific MBA program.

How to pick the most suitable concentration for your MBA at the University of New York in Prague

Do your homework

An MBA is a major investment of your time and money. Before you invest in pursuing one, studying your dream organizations will help offer insight and guidance. Seek out representatives from major companies in the industry of your interest at online career fairs and recruitment events, to discuss your potential roles in their companies. These conversations and feedback can help you decide on a concentration. And once you enroll in your program, take advantage of the community that you have joined! Our university’s finest asset is the professors who teach in the UNYP MBA programs; their real-world experiences blend with a solid analytical foundation to offer a well-rounded curriculum that goes far beyond text books. Learningabouttheirworkexperiencehelpsstudentsunderstandtheissuestheycould face in this sphere, and the realities of day-to-daywork in a specific position.

Reassess your past

Unlike a master’s degree, the UNYP MBA requires students to have prior work experience. This means that you already have acquired a certain amount of knowledge since graduating from your undergraduate course. Analyze what you liked and disliked about your pre-MBA employment; your biggest points of pride in your previous work can shine some light on what positions and responsibilities will give you the most satisfaction in the future.

Grow your network

Uncertain students often hesitate to explore all the possibilities and pathways. Be bold and confident; do not miss any opportunity to grow your network, even when you are unsure where you want to go in your career. Sometimes young professionals can get unexpected insight from industry professionals and develop an interest in a direction that they had not previously considered, which can influence their decision to pick a particular MBA concentration. Instead of shying away from opportunities, be proactive: seek out recruiters, network with faculty members, make friends with students from your own and other groups, use the university resources at your disposal.

Embrace your passions

Let your professional interests show you the way, and the decision will fall into place. It may not be immediately apparent, but your career ambitions and personal interests will intersect somewhere. Even if you do not think that your MBA program’s specializations fit your passions, figure out how you can carve out a direction for yourself. Talk to your academic advisors, communicate your interests and intentions, let them help you tailor your degree to your individual needs. After all, passion and enthusiasm for a particular business or industry is more important than all other factors.

Be flexible

Nothing is forever. Choosing an MBA concentration in Finance doesn’t mean that you will stay in finance forever – you could easily end up switching focus to the managerial side of the business after graduation. Focusing on one aspect of business for your degree doesn’t mean that you will end up doing it for the rest of your life. There is always space to grow: within a concentration, and later in to other functions, as your experience, knowledge, and interests grow and change.