VIDEOEX Experimental Film & Video Festival

Deadline: 29 January 2021
Open to: all applicants whose works meet the eligibility requirements
Benefits: CHF 3000


Videoex is Switzerland’s largest festival dedicated to experimental film and video. Over the course of nine days, Videoex shows films and videos beyond conventional narrative cinema: experimental, visually surprising, conceptually unexpected or controversially political films and videos on the threshold between visual art and film.

Videoex invites you to submit your digital or analog work for the International & Swiss competition 2021. The following works are admitted:

  • Non-Fiction
  • Moving Image
  • Documentary
  • Essay Film
  • Animated Film
  • Music Videos


  1. Participants may submit a maximum of 3 works
  2. Only works produced after October 1st 2019 are applicable.
  3. The following screening formats are accepted for the competition:
    • 35mm, 16mm, Super8/8mm films
    • Digital files: 4k, 2k, HD
    • DCP, Bluray Discs
    • For other formats please click here
  4. Each entry must be accompanied by a short synopsis in German, French, Italian or English.


Videoex 2021 will include an international and a swiss competition. The total price amount is CHF 3000.


For more details, please visit the official website.