Prisma Art Prize

Deadline:  30 October 2020
Open to: every artist can apply
Benefits: cash prizes and the exhibition of the finalist works in the online gallery and Atelier Montez (Rome)


Il Varco s.r.l.s organizes the 6th edition of PRISMA Art Prize, an art prize that takes place every three months online with cash award, that will end with an annual group exhibition at the end of the fourth edition of the same year at Atelier Montez in Rome, with some of the artists that took place in the quarterly editions, chosen by the art direction.
This will be the second edition of the second year. The date of the exhibition will be communicated in due time.


  • The competition is looking for paintings, drawings, graphic art and engravings of any size and on any support.
  • The competition prize is open to all living artists without limits of age, sex, nationality and culture.


  • Every three months they will choose a winner among all the finalist works that will get a € 500 cash prize. We will award € 2000 in cash prizes every year to the best artists that will take part in our award in seasonal competitions which take place every three months.
  • All the finalist works will be shown on our online gallery for the whole duration of our awards, together with infos and contacts of the artist. In this way, you can get noticed by all the other participants and all of those who visit the site to buy the paintings.


The submission has a fee of € 25 and it allows the submission of up to three works. However is possible to submit 5 more artworks paying an addiction of 5€ for each further work. You can submit directly on the website and you can pay through Stripe or PayPal. Interested artists can register online via the form that can be filled out here.
For more details, please visit the official website.