Visegrad+ Grants for Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership countries

Deadline: 1 October 2020
Open to: legal entities on behalf of a justifiable consortium of project partners
Benefits: the Fund can cover total project costs


Visegrad+ Grants support projects which contribute to the democratization and transformation processes in selected countries and regions, especially non-EU member states in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership countries.

With grants, they seek to advance innovative ideas that address shared challenges by high quality regional  cooperation projects. Whether you are pursuing arts, work with vulnerable groups or focus on innovative entrepreneurship, we believe regional cooperation can bring positive change to your field or community.

To apply for Visegrad and Visegrad+ Grants, your project must fit in one of the seven focus areas eligible for funding. Generally, specific thematic priorities apply to Visegrad+ Grant projects that target the Eastern Partnership countries or Western Balkan countries. For Strategic Grants, distinct strategic priorities are defined on an annual basis. Each project proposal should be identified with only one focus area and one concrete objective which best corresponds to the project’s aims. The focus areas and objectives for each grant program can be found on the Fund’s website.


Any legal entity is eligible for funding if applying on behalf of a justifiable consortium of project partners. Preference is generally given to groups of non-governmental, civil society organizations (CSOs), public educational, cultural, research and scientific institutions, municipalities and local governments. Natural persons (individual citizens, private entrepreneurs) or institutions under state administration (ministries, government agencies, embassies etc.) cannot apply nor can they be valid project partners. In the case of universities, the applicant is obliged to indicate the name of the faculty entrusted with the project’s implementation.

Who can apply?

  • Consortium of organizations of which 3 or more are based in different Visegrad countries
  • All types of non-governmental, civil society organizations (CSOs); municipalities and local governments; schools, higher education institutions; research and scientific bodies and public institutions are eligible as lead partner (applicant) and partners in the consortia
  • Market actors, e.g. companies – especially innovation and startuprelated actors – with a legal entity are also eligible, but only if their Visegrad project is of nonprofit character


Each project proposal shall present a budget based on estimated costs related to the delivery of concrete outputs (deliverables). The Fund can cover total project costs estimated in each proposal but may also choose concrete outputs to be supported by the grant. Additional support from actors other than the Fund is highly encouraged – be it financial contributions by the applicant, partners and/or other donors or sponsors) or non-financial (in-kind contributions of the applicant or partners such as volunteer work or use of own premises, etc.). Project budgets shall be realistic and respect the “value for money” principle. All cost estimates shall be based on the project’s expected expenditures in EUR (€) based on average prices at the site of delivery. It must be clear from the budget what the unit cost of each expenditure is.

How to Apply?

You can submit your project proposals via My Visegrad during the submission period which opens 30 days before the deadline—February 1, June 1, October 1 at 12.00 PM (noon).

For more information and in order to apply, please visit the official web page.