University of Trento PhD Programme in Physics

Deadline: 28 August 2020
Open to: “Laurea magistrale” holders or those who hold an equivalent Masters degree as the “Laurea magistrale”
Benefits: 20 scholarships with the annual gross amount of EUR 16.290,00 will be awarded to 20 potential applicants out of the 23 available positions


The University of Tretno offers an ideal environment for their student body to study and do research. The Department of Physics in Tretno  effectively collaborates with many research centres and universities and, specifically, with the Italian and European Space Agencies (ASI and ESA), the National Research Council (CNR), the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN); at local level, they share research projects and programmes with the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), the Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM) and the Provincial Healthcare Service (APSS). The PhD programme itself cannot last less than three years.


In order to be eligible for this programme, all applicants must  have an Italian “Laurea magistrale” instituted in conformity with Italian Ministerial Decree 270/2004, or an Italian “Laurea specialistica ” or “Diploma di Laurea”. If the applicant obtained their Masters degree aborad, the degree has to be an equivalent to the Italian “Laurea magistrale”.


The University of Trento in order to enhance, even economically, those involved in the doctoral path, has decided to increase the scholarship amount from EUR 15.343,28  to the gross amount of EUR 16.290,00. Students will not be required to pay any additional fees to attend their study programme, but they will be obligated to pay the annual provincial tax on the right to study. First year foreign PhD students will be offered accommodation at the university campus that also has 8 restaurants and 3 cafeterias which are daily available to the students. All PhD students in the performance of institutional activities specifically authorized in Italy or abroad are covered by accidental insurance and third party liability insurance.


For more information on how to apply, please visit the official website.