What to Do with So Much Free Time at Home?

So maybe being stuck at home will finally be our chance to start thinking and hopefully, start doing. 🙂

Staying home for (almost) the whole day has been a new reality for all of us. In the past few weeks, our homes have become also our office, our gym and our cinema, theater and concert hall.  And for all of us, this has been a pretty difficult thing to wrap our heads around. While coping with this new reality is understandably a challenge it is up to us to try and make the best of all this time at home that we now have available.

So what to do with so much time at home?

The first thing you should do is turn off the TV and put down your phone. Just give yourself a break from all the bad news and try to relax. You can listen to some music or do some stretching exercises in order to ease the tension in your body and relax your mind.

When you get to a more peaceful state of mind, try and ask yourself what is it that you needed for quite some time but never really had the time to do?

Did you need more time for studying, or more time to expand your knowledge in your area of work?

Maybe you could not find the time to exercise or try on a healthier food regime?

Needed some more time to take care of yourself and your mental health? Or maybe you just needed time to sleep 🙂

Here I will leave you with some recommendations for apps, platforms, and tools from different areas that I hope will spark interest and help you find exactly what you need:

If you want to invest in your education and learn new skills than you should definitely explore the following online learning platforms: SKILLSHARE.; LINKEDIN LEARNING.; Udemy; Treehouse; Coursera; FutureLearn; Thinkful; BitDegree; Khan Academy; Codecademy

If you are working remotely, you can use these tools to improve communication and workflow:

Staying home can definitely help you develop some new and healthy habits when it comes to your fitness regime, diet and nutrition:

Home exercise apps: Aaptiv; Fitbit Coach; Asana Rebel; Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic; Nike Training Club; Down DogDaily Workouts Fitness Trainer; 8fit Workouts

Healthy food and nutrition apps: MyFitnessPal; The Complete 5:2 Diet; Weight Watchers; Diet Assistant – Weight Loss; Diet Point – Weight Loss; FoodPrint for CGM by Nutrino; My Diet Coach; HealthyOut

Another way to fill up all that free time is to focus on your favorite hobby or maybe discover a new one. And you guessed it… 🙂 there is a site for that to https://www.discoverahobby.com/

Finally, yet importantly, try to invest some more time on your personal development and take care of your mental health. These apps can definitely help you to take better care of yourself: Headspace; Calm; Ten Percent Happier; Happify; Fabulous; Breathe2Relax.

However, this does not mean that you should not have fun and just enjoy some good food, watch a good movie, explore some new music and finely read all the books that have been piling up on your bad stand.

In our everyday lives, which are hectic most of the time we rarely get the chance to really think about the things we really want or need. And sometimes for a variety of objective and subjective reasons, we just avoid thinking about them.

Author: Bojana Zavkova, is an Account Manager in a Marketing Agency, proud AIESEC alumni and Mladiinfo volunteer. She is passionate about sales and marketing and dedicated to continuous personal and professional development. She believes in leadership by example, personal accountability, humbleness and willpower, sustainability and collaboration.

Editor: Tomica Stojanovikj