If You Can’t Go Outside, Go Inside!

In the past months, the internet is flooded with articles on how to use the extra time we have now since we are more or less in quarantine. Like the essentials – clean the house and organize the closet, watch movies and read books, acquire a new skill or take an online course, cook and work out.

All of these recommendations are valid and good and I think I have done all of it, some more than others, like for example Netflix. 😊

But very few recommendations were about spending some time and just think about yourself, your priorities and goals, your interactions with people around you. So here are a few things that I have done or I am still in the process of doing which I highly recommend you to do.

Bucket list

The “Bucket list” is an older movie and despite my likes for Morgan Freeman, I watched it some time ago. Aside from the fact that it made me cry like a baby, I became very fond of the idea of having a bucket list. I mean I sort of had one till now, but it was generic one and without much substance which when you look at it more critically looks very easy but at the same time very hard to accomplish. So I took the extra time I have now to think it through and rewrite it. I did a google search for what people put on their bucket list and I have to say I was inspired to put some on mine which is in way crazy and definitely will get me out of my comfort zone when the time comes.

Revisit your priorities and goals

If you are serious and committed to writing your bucket list then this will come as the pre-work.

And when you are stuck at home with some extra hours on your hand and significantly less pressure of everyday life it is the best time to do it.

Now the time came when I needed to put into practice all those things I read about in books about popular psychology on how to live a successful and fulfilled life. It seems like an easy thing to do, except that it is the hardest thing I ever had to do. And I am not done yet because I had to address some complicated questions and harsh answers. And that mixed with emotions and how this will affect not only me but the important people in my life…it’s a bitter-sweet experience and worth it.

Get a pet

But if you can I would advise to adopt, not buy one. Of course, you should get a pet, not because of the current circumstances but only if this is something you want and has prolonged it for some time. Because getting a pet is all nice and sweet but that is just part of the story, there is also the part where it will pee all over your apartment and you will have to dedicate time for walks, cleaning after, feeding, cuddling and training. So, if you are aware of all this and want it now is the right time. Since you are home all day your pet will need less time adjusting to you and the new environment it will live in and the whole process will go smoothly. You will have more time to dedicate to training your new pet and sooner it will have the routine and habits you would like it to have. And at the end of the day, you will have more time for enjoying each other’s company, cuddling or goofing around.

Get to know you and your family better

Many times, I have come across the joke for a youngster saying that the Wi-Fi was down for an hour and he has spent that time socializing with his family, who surprisingly turned out to be nice people.

And as much as it is a joke, it is the reality we live in or at least is my reality. As you move forward with our lives and we are burdened with all the things that pop up on your to-do list and are a must-do I noticed that we push our family further down on that list and dedicate less time to them, especially our parents. You meet with them for lunch once in a week or two and you have a very general conversation about how’s is work and life, something big on the news. Often, we become nervous when they ask “stupid” questions or meddle a little too much in your life and sometimes storm off instead of showing some patience to talk to them and explain. Now that I “had to” spend more time with them I learned just how much I don’t know about them, about the things that scare them or make them happy and even some basic things like what they don’t eat or drink. The other day I cooked for them and made spaghetti with tuna just to find out that my mother doesn’t eat tuna. Yes, I’ve seen her eat fish many times but I never noticed or ask if she eats tuna. And she always knows what I like or don’t like. So, once you spent some time with them and talk to them and proactively ask them different things you may be surprised what you will learn from or about them. And they can turn out to be very nice people … and fun to be around.

Start writing a diary

Following the internet recommendation, I have started with cleaning the house which is when I found my old diary. It was hilarious to read what I wrote more than 10 years ago, what made me sad or furious, what made me happy, how I perceived my friends and friendship…as I said hilariously. But on the other hand, insightful about how I was resonating, what were my values back then and how I had a routine of reflecting on what was happening to me on almost a daily basis. So, I decided to start again by dedicating 15 minutes a day to reflect on my day and how I was feeling and write it down in my diary.

If you go through any of this be ready for an emotional rollercoaster! But if you and adrenaline junkie and like the feeling after the ride, you’re going to love it!

Author: Marta Zavkova
Editor: Tomica Stojanovikj