Best Places and Tips when Traveling with Friends

In today’s modern and digitalized world, trips are the best way to spend more time with friends and have fun. Therefore, I will share with you my experience of some of the places I have visited and which are ideal for travel with friends.

But the question is how to recognize and find the ideal place?

The following tips will lead you to it:

  • Place where besides traditional local cuisine there is also international food;
  • Place with a lot of cafeterias, pubs, bars, and restaurants;
  • Place where a lot of events are organized and interesting things common to all generations;
  • A place where it is safe for walking around and where people are gentle and welcoming;
  • Place with a pleasant climate, rich nature, greenery, and flowers, where everyone would enjoy the long walks.

An ideal way to get around in each of these places is by rent a car, as traveling with friends usually involves more people and if you carry on pets with you, it would be helpful to examine in advance which hotels allow them to stay.

One of the places I would most recommend is Guimarães in Portugal, and Portugal in general. Guimarães is the town where Portugal was born, one of the cleanest places I’ve visited, a peaceful town with hospitable locals. There are activities and beautiful spots for every age and generation – from museums, castles, gardens to café bars, restaurants, and cultural events. Amazing place where you can enjoy together with your friends in all these places and have a great time. In this area, you can also explore the mountains that can be reached by cable car. The food is also excellent, from traditional to international, at very affordable prices.

Porto is another beautiful city, with specific architecture, narrow streets, several bridges, and many panoramic views. There are great restaurants and bars here where you can eat delicious food and enjoy a glass of wine in some of the beautiful views. All this in Porto is available at very reasonable prices. The beaches are near to Porto, so you can have a great sunny day on the beach with your friends and watch the ocean.

Next great place to travel at any time of the year that for me seems as a fairy tale is Bruges in Belgium. I am in love with the unique architecture, beautiful nature and how clean and peaceful it is. It is famous for its good fish, numerous windmills, beer, and great food.

Finally, on this list is, of course, the pearl of my country Macedonia, the city of Ohrid and the beautiful Lake Ohrid. Authentic buildings with ancient landmarks, heavenly clear lake water, untouched nature, affordable prices, pleasant climate, hospitality, and delicious traditional food make it an attractive place for tourists from all over the world. It is especially visited by tourists during the summer period. All these destinations are special in their way, so you will love it!

In the end, I can only wish you a nice stay in some of the destinations I have recommended, I am sure you will enjoy!

Author: Viktorija Mitevska, freelance poet and columnist
Editor: Sanja Cvetkovikj