UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education 2020

Deadline: 26 May 2020
Open to: anyone (individuals, institutions or organizations) who has made strong, innovative contributions in favor of girls’ and women’s education
Benefits: USD 50,000 cash prize to two selected winners


Since 2000, there has been real progress has been made in advancing girls’ and women’s access to education at all levels. 132 million girls remain out of school and 15 million girls, compared to 10 million boys, will never set foot in a classroom. Millions more drop out before completing the full cycle of education, and progress for the most marginalized is far too slow. Educated girls are more likely to be healthier, better paid in the workplace, and more empowered to participate in social, economic, civic and political affairs. This transformative effect contributes to a better world for us all. The International Jury for the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education is appointed by the Director-General of UNESCO on the basis of their reputation in the advancement of education for girls and women, and with consideration for equitable geographical distribution and gender balance.


Nominated projects must be established and running for at least two years, show potential to be replicable and scalable and/or provide significant learning potential for initiatives in other contexts, the project should contribute to one or more of the priority areas of the Prize (Participation, Environment, Literacy, Teachers or Skills). The projects will be assessed based on the project/programme’s impact, how innovate the project/programme’s approach is, and how sustainable it is in the long-term.

For more details on the selection criteria, please click here.


UNESCO will award two outstanding and innovative projects with a prize of USD 50,000 in order to to help further the work of advancing contributions to girls’ and women’s education.

How to Apply?

For more information and to apply, please visit the official website.