What Are the Benefits of Volunteering?

It is no secret that volunteering is beneficial for the community we live in, as a mechanism for challenging current social problems. But what effects can it also have on our personal growth? The hint, plenty! It is wonderful to realize that volunteering can help have a constructive outcome to individuals in their networks.

For me, the ultimate reason of volunteering is first of all, learning, assisting others and bringing to the surface the skills, that would only be discovered far away from my comfort zone.

Finding your Weaknesses and Strengths

You can begin volunteering at any stage of your life, it has no age limit or restrictions. Although, becoming a volunteer at the young age has the double benefits of finding out what your interest spheres might be and where your strengths lie, which could play a big part in deciding your future career. While you engage in different kind of activities outside of your safe zone, you are learning how to communicate across barriers. As a result, you develop many academic and social skills that are important in life, not so say in a professional path.

Acquiring New Skills

One of the more well-known advantages of volunteering is developing new skills. Engaging in activities you have not done before will surely get you a new set of skills you never knew you needed. This will encourage your self-realization and help you in career advancement and personal development. As for me, my time spent in Budapest volunteering has been crucial for my personal growth. Despite being anxious about living in a foreign country on my own, I discovered that you need to leave your familiar ground to truly understand yourself and your passions.

Increasing Self-esteem

Volunteering will enable you to see the different side of yourself and enhance your vision and your grip on reality. Your role as a volunteer provides you with a natural sense of accomplishment and a boost in confidence. When you are engaged in project that corresponds with your talents your self-esteem will undoubtedly increase, which will lead you to more fulfilled, content life.

Meeting New People

Volunteering means working with other people who have the same goal as you. It will provide you with the rare opportunity to meet various group of people with different backgrounds. That will not only bring a whole new bunch of acquaintances in your life, but will improve your communication skills as well. The people you meet on the journey may impact your life more than you can imagine and become your lifetime friends. Meeting these people will show you, that the world you are looking at is not the way everybody does, it will show you different perspectives and ways people live.

Becoming More Determined

Acquiring professional experience will push you to do more and might give you the purpose you were looking for. That will eventually ratchet up your determination and sense of resolution. As determination is major factor on the road to success, through volunteering you might be able to find the will to achieve your goals and bring you better results.

Making Your Life More Adventurous

Maybe you are just feeling bored and want to try something new? Volunteering will bring novelty in your life and make your days more colorful while knowing you are doing something productive. But that’s not all to it, while trying out different activities, you may find some inspiring occupation you never imagined doing, and end up changing your life completely.

Having Fun

So what are you waiting for? You just have to find the activity and topic you are passionate about and get involved. Just be active and have fun! 🙂

Author: Gvantsa Kvirikashvili, student of International Relations, volunteer under EU Neighbourhood & Enlargement, Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia and Mladiinfo International.

Editor: Sanja Cvetkovikj