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Ph.D. Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies – Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Sciences (NASP)

Deadline: 24 June 2019
Open to: students with background in Economic Sociology, Sociology, Labour studies, Economics
Benefits: scholarship of 16.350 EUR gross per year, renewable up to a maximum of three years


The Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Sciences (NASP) is pleased to announce that its Ph.D. Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies (ESLS) calls for application for 4 Ph.D. positions covered by scholarships (duration: 3 years).

The Ph.D. programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies is based at the University of Milan and is jointly promoted by the following institutions, members of NASP:

  • Collegio Carlo Alberto (University of Turin)
  • Department of Social and Political Sciences – SPS (University of Milan)

The programme has a strong focus on quantitative methods but also accepts research projects based on qualitative and mixed methods. The substantive attention is on the relations between society and the economy, both at the micro and the macro level, from the disciplinary perspectives of sociology, industrial relations and organization studies.

The program thus aims at:

  • giving students a scientific training, embedded in current, cutting-edge international research, on the substantive topics concerning the relations between the economy and society, with a strong focus on the regulatory problems currently facing public and private decision-makers;
  • giving students a full set of theoretical, methodological and technical skills, with particular attention to applied statistics and data analysis;
  • giving each student the chance to specialize herself in the area she will choose for her dissertation, and to produce an excellent piece of empirical work. In principle, each dissertation should produce at least one paper to be published in an international indexed journal, or in the way each discipline reckons to be excellent;
  • guaranteeing each student the possibility to develop the key skills which today are required as a professional support of a social science researcher, that is: high level knowledge of the English language, capacity of communicating research results, first-hand knowledge of the procedures of scientific publishing and of the way the international scientific labour market works.

You can find all the programs here.

Six broad areas of specialization are offered. Each student will choose the one who best suits her research interests and use it as a starting point for her research project. Of course, trespassing and contamination are allowed and, in case, encouraged.

  1. The social and political regulation of markets
  2. Industrial relations and labour law
  3. Complex organizations and human resources management
  4. Economic behaviour and networks of social interaction
  5. Local development and global society
  6. Occupations, education and social stratification

All courses are taught in English, while the dissertation might be written in English as well as in Italian, depending on the topic and on the supervisor’s judgement.


In order to apply for the Ph.D. Programme, applicants are required to possess:

  • either an Italian Laurea Magistrale, a Master’s Degree or any equivalent degree.
  • a B2 level or above English language certification (including all the 4 skills Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) issued by any authorized certifying body as laid down by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR. The list of certifications accepted by the University of Milan is available in the call for application and at the following link: The certificate is not required for some specific exceptions listed in the call for application. If the candidate does not possess such certification, or does not possess one of the four skills required, and/or did not attend any of the abovementioned courses, she is not admitted to the Ph.D. The admitted candidates must provide the certification by the date of enrollment.

Applicants who expect to obtain a Laurea Magistrale, a Master’s Degree or equivalent within October 31, 2019 are also eligible to apply for admission.


The scholarship is of 16.350 EUR gross per year (up to 3 years). A 50% increase of the scholarship is provided for visiting periods abroad. Starting from the second year, students are also awarded a research budget amounting up to 10% of the yearly scholarship.

How to apply?

For more information, and how to apply, please visit the official call.