“Poetry and Solidarity, Language of People” Forum in Italy

Deadline: 7 July 2019
Open to:  young adults aged 18 to 35
Venue: 26-30 September 2019 in Trieste, Italy


There’s no time left: Environment, Right, Geopolitics

Recent protests promoted by young and very young people (Fridays for future) have passionately emphasized the need not to waste any more time in dealing with environment- related issues.

The Forum aims to raise the “There’s no time left” alert, enlarging its vision to include also the other emergencies (ethical and economic ones) the planet is facing and that are taking center stage both in terms of analisis and practices.

There’s no time left: we must intervene to prevent an environmental catastrophe.

There’s no time left: we must intervene to prevent the rights’ denial and the disregard for human dignity from prevailing over the positive actions and the infinite human potentialities, which would result in an ethical catastrophe.

There’s no time left: we must build a strategic vision to shape peaceful relations among peoples, countries, religions and cultures, to prevent the geopolitical catastrophe from gathering its clouds on the lives of individuals and communities.

The Forum is by its nature a place for open discussion, where not only different positions on similar issues are compared, but also different problems are addressed through a multidisciplinary approach comparing several branches of knowledge and cultural as well as scientific paradigms.

The call for papers draws the attention on the idea that among the emergencies mentioned in its title there’s actually a very strong interconnection, whose roots lie on the one hand in complexity, meant as a defining character of nowadays reality and its fields of knowledge, on the other in the dispersion of the skills we should face said complexity with, drawing strength from a renewed vision of man and his relationships.

Therefore, despite the scope of the themes involved, they prompt the presentation of papers that may well be specific, born out of the context of practices or researches developed by the participants in their own fields of expertise and subject to acquire a particular meaning in a perspective of comparison and problematic research.


The present call is addressed to young adults aged 18 to 35, without distinction as to nationality.

The Forum works will be conducted both in Italian and in English; simultaneous translation from/to both languages will be provided.


The Forum’s organization will provide a 4 nights accommodation (check-in on Sept. 26th, check-out on Sept. 30th) in Trieste, Italy. The offer includes lodging in shared rooms + breakfast.

The organization will provide the participants with all the necessary assistance regarding the visa release process (if needed) and the hospitality. Selected speakers, on the other hand, are compelled to plan the itinerary and to purchase the travel tickets on their own. The organizers are willing to discuss with the participants, when it comes to travel planning, only those aspects the latter can’t sort out on their own and the doubts that may arise regarding the reimbursement (see next paragraph).

Once the event is over, the organization will offer selected speakers a partial reimbursement – for their travel-related costs – whose amount won’t exceed 70% of the costs related to the considered travel’ sections. Should said 70% exceed EUR 500, the amount of the reimbursement won’t anyway exceed that amount (EUR 500).

The reimbursement is anyway subjected to specific restrictions: particularly, it will be granted only if all the following conditions are met:

1) both on your outbound and inbound journey, the travel’ segments taken into account must outline a path as linear as possible between the place of departure and that of arrival;

2) the place of arrival on the way back must match the place of departure of the way to Trieste. Exceptions may be allowed only in case of serious and substantiated reasons (work, study or residence change);

3) no stop along the way may last longer than 24 hours;

4) in case of international travels:

     a) speakers must arrive to Italy (on their way here) not before September 22;

     b) speakers must leave Italy (on their way back) not after October 4;

5) speakers must present the organization the travel documents (flight, train, bus tickets, boarding passes, etc.) related to the travel’ sections they intend to ask the reimbursement for;

6) speakers must attend all of the Forum’s works; unjustified delays and absences may cause the loss of the right to the reimbursement offer.

NB: in case of flights, the reimbursement will be cut down to 50% of the ticket if the speaker decides to bring checked baggage and this implies a higher fee than the base one.

Reimbursement methods will be as follows:

a) speakers coming from a Sepa area country (or having a bank account based there) will be asked to provide the iban code of a bank account the organizers will make a transfer to, once the forum’s over and upon presentation of the travel documents;

b) for participants not coming from a Sepa area country (nor having a bank account based there), the organizers will deal with each case singularly, according to the speakers’ provenance and in order to find the most practical way to perform the reimbursement (cash, bank transfer, other…).

Interested persons are also advised to start working on their own in order to get sponsorship in their countries to cover the travel expenditure, and to submit the sponsorship requests as soon as possible, also to allow the Forum organizers to support them as best as they can.

Speakers are asked to mind that, in order to get the reimbursement for the travel expenditure, they must present the organizers the travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc.) and they must attend all forum’ sessions.

How to apply?

For more information, and to apply, please visit the official web page.