International High-Level Conference “Educating for the Rule of Law”

Deadline: 31 May 2019
Open to: students from 6 to 29 years old
Benefits: flights, meals, accommodation, and cost for transportation to Vienna


The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative seeks to promote a culture of lawfulness through education activities designed for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. They are excited to bring together policymakers and educators. The event convenes policymakers from different fields (such as Ministries of Education and Ministries of Justice), educators and academics to build bridges between these communities and discuss innovative ways to empower the next generation of change makers.


Students between the ages of 6-12 (primary), 13-18 (secondary) or 19-29 (tertiary) and believe strongly in the role of education for promoting the rule of law.


There will be a select number of entries that will be showcased to an international audience at the Vienna International Centre in Vienna, Austria. The winners’ work will also be featured on UNODC social media channels. The top five successful applications will be invited to the event. Flights, meals, accommodation and cost for transportation in Vienna will be financed in accordance with UN rules.

How to apply?

In order to apply, please fill the application form.

For more information, please visit the official website.