Youth Democracy Award 2019: The European IDEA – IDEAL or DEAD?

Deadline: 1 May 2019
Open to: youth and young adults
Benefits: projects and campaigns can get up to EUR 500


Brexit, disputes on the migration question and low voter turnouts in former European Parliament elections – Some people say the European Idea is dead. Others think the European Idea is an ideal we just did not achieve yet, thus must work harder on doing so. Or is maybe everything fine just the way it is?

In 2019, many decisions will be made in the EU. From 23rd to 26th of May, it’s EU election time. Many opportunities are open, many changes are possible. It is on us to decide what kind of Europe we want for the future. But how should this future look like? Do we need more or less EU? What does the European Idea mean to you?

To find an answer to this question, the Youth Jury of the Youth Democracy Award is looking for projects from young people for young people, focusing on the EU elections and/ or the European Idea. We encourage you to hold dialog about the European elections and promote voting. We encourage you to discuss the EU and EU related topics. Whether it is a podium discussions, readings, poster campaigns, demonstrations, videos, concerts, theater plays, flashmobs or art projects making people think about the EU – Go for it!


You can apply as an individual or as a team. You may not be older than 25 years. Additionally, you need a legally capable, adult person (18 years or older) who is responsible for your project and the management of financial means. This can also be done by people who are not directly involved in your project, e.g. your parents or teacher.


Projects and campaigns can get up to EUR 500.

Additional to the EUR 500 support you’ll have the chance to win the youth democracy award, depending on the report you’ll hand in after finishing your project.

The Youth Democracy Award consists of two parts:

  • A competition of youth projects to win sponsorship (Deadline: 01.05.2019)
  • and subsequent selection of the 2019 Youth Democracy Award laureate among the promoted projects, including a bonus of EUR 3.000.

That means, you apply for a funding first. After you have been accepted for the funding and you finished your project successfully, you will write a report. This report serves as an application for the Youth Democracy Award as well. You cannot apply for the Youth Democracy Award without being accepted for the EUR 500 funding.

How to apply?

In order to apply, and for more information, please visit the official web page.