SAR Campbell Advanced Seminar

Deadline: 30 April 2019
Open to: women scholars or scholars/practitioners from the developing world
Benefits: the schooll provides round-trip coach airfare, lodging, visa expenses, and all meals for up to ten participants


Under a program supported by the Vera R. Campbell Foundation, the School for Advanced Research (SAR) invites proposals for an Advanced Seminar that focuses on the circumstances of women in the developing world and offers paths to concrete, practical strategies for improving their health, prosperity, and general well-being. The School for Advanced Research (SAR) supports advanced scholarship and creativity in the social sciences, the humanities, and Native American art. Since 1907, SAR has supported innovative programs that expand our knowledge of human nature, culture, and creativity.


Several of the seminar participants must be women scholars or scholars/practitioners from the developing world since one of the goals of the seminar is to foster professional linkages and the sharing of relevant experiences. Proposals may address global problems or focus on specific regional questions. Above all, the participants should be committed to producing practical improvements in the lives of women and workable proposals likely to achieve that end.  Seminars focused on broad policy issues will be judged according to whether practical implementation measures are included in the discussion.

The proposal should explain:

– The topic of the seminar and key questions to be addressed;

– How the topic is of broad importance to anthropology and/or disciplines outside of anthropology;

– Why a seminar is necessary in order to address the topic;

– Why a seminar is needed now;

– Who the participants in the seminar might be, what each would contribute, and the likelihood that each would participate;

– The expected results of the seminar.

SAR encourages seminar organizers to include scholars representing a mix of perspectives—generally anthropological and interdisciplinary—and to consider the ethnic and gender balance of the group. The inclusion of a discussant as one of the participants is encouraged.

Seminar papers are circulated among participants at least one month prior to the seminar and are discussed during the sessions. These discussions are followed by a consideration of cross-cutting issues and a synthesis of ideas. Following the seminar, the chair is required to submit a 1,500-word summary for use on the School’s web site and in the annual report. Work that results from the seminar may be considered for submission to SAR Press for publication in its Advanced Seminar Series.


The School provides round-trip coach airfare, lodging, visa expenses, and all meals for up to ten participants. Travel costs are reimbursed at a rate of USD 500 per participant for domestic travel. SAR will reimburse travel costs for five international participants at a rate of USD 1,700 each.

The Women and Development Seminar will consist of 10 scholars — including one or two who serve as chair/s — who meet at SAR’s Santa Fe campus for five days of intense discussion. Participants appraise ongoing research, assess recent innovations in theory and methods, and share data relevant to broad anthropological problems.

The award will be announced in June. To allow ample time for preparation and circulation of participants’ papers, the School schedules Advanced Seminars 18–24 months in advance.

How to apply?

All application materials must be submitted by email to Only fully completed applications that adhere to SAR’s guidelines and deadlines will be considered.

The application must include:

Applicant(s) Information Form;

– Abstract, of no more than 150 words;

– The proposal, not to exceed six double-spaced pages, addressing the criteria listed above;

– A short bibliography, not to exceed one single-spaced page, of references cited in the proposal;

– Curriculum vitae, not to exceed four single-spaced pages, for the seminar chair(s) only.

For more information, please visit the official web page.