“Model of Azerbaijani Youth Policy” International Conference Baku 2019

Deadline: 29 December 2018
Open to: 18-29, youth workers, representatives of youth organizations and government agencies working in the youth field from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria
Benefits: accomodation, meals and local transport are covered by the orgnizier. 70% of the flight 70% of airfare cost (travel tickets) will be reimbursed.


 Azerbaijan is one of the country where youth policy has been actively implemented and there is a strong government support in this field. Large number of actors in Azerbaijani youth policy make the youth work more effective and result oriented. Youth work has been turned out into the main activity among the young people in Azerbaijan and for this purpose there are functioning hundreds of youth organizations which gets a national support. Azerbaijan is one of the rare country where exist Youth policy and Sport department at the Presidential administration and Azerbaijani Youth Foundation which is regularly giving grants to youth organizations and to young individuals. Besides of that, there is a Ministry of Youth and Sport which is implementing the state youth policy and National Assembly of Youth Organizations which is uniting more than 100 youth organizations.

 Youth participation at national and international level, development of youth work among the young people, integration of Azerbaijani youth to international community has been always priority. The international conference will introduce the achievements of Azerbaijan in the field of youth policy and the perspective of international cooperation. The international conference will discuss how can policies enable young people to be active citizens, how can they support young people to be included in society and to realize their potential and aspirations.  

This conference is an international platform for the basic competencies to engage in youth policy to provide young people with opportunities for successful integration in society and enabling them to be active and responsible. Participants will learn about the essential elements of youth policy, the steps of youth policy (development, delivery, and evaluation), its impact in the lives of young people, and they will reflect on their future steps in youth policy.

  • Main aspects and topics of the conference:
  • Understand the “basics” of youth policy (concepts and definitions, scope, objectives, actors, national and international levels).
  • Become aware of the relevance of the key elements for youth policy (cross-sectoral, knowledge-based, participation, inclusion, youth work).
  • Understand how to build a framework for youth policy (identifying key issues, priority areas and themes).
  • Understand the major steps for youth policy development, implementation and delivery, and evaluation.
  • Reflect on the future of youth policy and their future engagement in youth policy.
  • Gain motivation and information about different ways of getting involved in youth policy.
  • Building a strong bases of international cooperation in youth policy.


  • The conference is eligible for the young people aged 18-29, youth workers, representatives of youth organizations and government agencies working in the youth field from the following countries:
  • Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria.


Accomodation, meals and local transport are covered by the orgnizier. 70% of the flight 70% of airfare cost (travel tickets) will be reimbursed after participants presenting ticket payment and boarding pass and copy of passport confirming passing the border.

How to apply?

Interested candidates wishing to participate in the international conference should send their motivation letter (no more than 2 pages) and CV in ENGLISH (with photo attached) to youth.conference.baku.19@gmail.com Motivation Letter and CV should be in one document as pdf format.  The deadline for sending application documents is 29 of December, 2018. In the motivation letter the candidate should explain the reason why he/she wants to participate in the conference, tell us about the background in the youth field and about their achievements and contribution to the conference. Selected participants will make a presentation about the youth policy of their respective country and will have to actively participate in the plenary sessions where will be discussed the topics on the future of international cooperation and implementation of joint projects. It will requested from the selected participants to contribute in plenary sessions and working groups to prepare youth projects for international programs as a sign of supporting international cooperation among the youth and sustainability of the conference. Note out that the working language of the conference is English.