International competition Phystech.International

Deadline: 30 November 2018
Open to: every high school student graduating in 2019 or within two years
Prize: state grant that covers 100 % of the tuition fees


MIPT is one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions and a leading university in Russia, included in top international university rankings. It offers the best in technical and fundamental education, perfected by decades of experience. Phystech, as the university is often called among its alumni, trains highly qualified specialists in theoretical and applied physics, applied mathematics, informatics, biotechnology, and the related disciplines, using the famous and unique set of educational practices known as the “Phystech system.”

MIPT graduates are in high demand by employers and are uniquely equipped for success in academia and industry alike. A Phystech education prepares you for anything life throws at you.

Participation in the Olympiads gives a chance to prove yourself in the field of mathematics and physics. For many winners this is an opportunity to be included in the database of promising and talented students, Olympiad winners and prize awardees will have an advantage when applying to the state grant for tuition-free education.

The Olympiad is conducted in two stages. The first stage is a qualifying round held online. The second stage is final and will be held on site, in the cities of the participating countries. It spans two days, one for mathematics and one for physics. The list of countries and cities that will hold Olympiads will be listed on the website no later than December, 2. Participation is free, and all contestants are competing on equal terms.

In order to participate in the final stage of the Phystech.International Olympiad, a participant has to be a first-, second-, or third-grade winner in the online stage based on the number of points gained in each of the subjects. The winners of the final stage of Phystech. International 2017 are invited directly to the final stage of this year’s Phystech. International, without the need to participate in the online competition.


Participation is open to every high school students graduating in 2019 or within two years.


Additional opportunities for getting  a state grant that covers 100 percent of the tuition fees in MIPT,one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions and a leading university in Russia (Among MIPT alumni and faculty have been 10 Nobel Prize winners and more than 20 people listed by Forbes) with three English-taught bachelor’s degree programs: in aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, and computer science. You can also study in Russian. For this purpose, the university provides a one-year preparatory language course.

How to apply?

 In order to start solving problems in physics or mathematics, you need to click the “Begin the competition” on the official website.