Win a 10-day Travel Photography Trip to Morocco!

Deadline: 11 October 2018
Open to: applicants aged 18 or over who are looking for an introduction into the travel photography industry, and want to be mentored. The scholarship is not open to professional photographers of any kind
Benefits:  a 10-day, all-expenses-paid trip in Morocco


Are you a budding travel photographer?
Do you dream of traveling the world with your camera?

Kick-start your career by going on a professional photo assignment.

Many travelers hit the road with great camera gear these days, but to really capture extraordinary moments, you’ve got to have more than an expensive kit.

That is why World Nomads have partnered with the likes of the World Wildlife Fund, Intrepid Travel and National Geographic Adventure over the last ten years to bring you real-life photography assignments. These opportunities give aspiring photographers the chance to hone their storytelling skills and learn from professional photographers in the field.

They are looking for one aspiring travel photographer to go on an all-expenses-paid assignment to Morocco to capture the colorful nation’s people, culture and landscapes under the mentorship of world-renowned travel photographer, Richard I’Anson.

If you are looking to turn your passion for photography into a profession, these mentorships offer invaluable experience, advice and perspective in the ever evolving world of travel photography.


This is a learning opportunity for someone who is looking for an introduction into the travel photography industry, and wants to be mentored. The scholarship is not open to professional photographers of any kind.

This is your opportunity to showcase your photography skills and individual perspective on the world. Their goal is to give the winner of this scholarship a foot in the door of the travel photography industry, so your application should demonstrate your talent and desire to turn your passion into a profession. Your photo story should:

  • Feature an original subject and your original perspective
  • Convey a compelling and cohesive story
  • Showcase your excellent technique and creative composition
  • Be supported by complementary, thoughtful captions


  • Receive round-trip airfare from your closest international airport to Morocco, courtesy of Airtreks;
  • Improve your skills with one-on-one mentorship from professional travel photographer Richard I’Anson;
  • Journey through Morocco on a custom tour designed by World Expeditions;
  • Receive a copy of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography by Richard I’Anson;
  • Travel with innovative, high-quality outdoor packs from Osprey;
  • As always, travel insurance for the trip provided by World Nomads.

How to apply?

  1. Shoot a 5 image photo story

    Your brief is to tell a story from a place that you have visited through images (with accompanying captions to help contextualize each shot). A ‘place’ can literally be anywhere, from your backyard to somewhere you visited on your travels.

  2. Write a winning essayIn 1,500 characters or less, explain what winning this photography scholarship would mean to you and why you are the best person for the assignment. In your essay tell them about yourself, your passion for photography, what motivates you and what your photography aspirations are. Paint a picture of the budding photographer behind the story.
  3. Complete the application form

    Fill in your personal details so they know how to contact you should you make the shortlist.

For more information please visit the official website.