Media, Minorities and Migration – Online Course

Deadline: 31 August 2018
Open to: journalists, journalism students and students from social sciences and humanities interested in journalism in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
Benefits: grants and prizes opportunities


Minority rights and migration are major issues in the world today. This exciting new project Media, Minorities and Migration will offer journalists, journalism students and students from social sciences and humanities interested in journalism in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia the chance to learn how to source important stories relating to these issues, how to get coverage for them and counter the dominant anti-migrant narratives in the media. With this project wants to raise public awareness in the four countries of poverty, migration and exclusion of minority communities, and it can’t  be done without working with journalists. Through various education opportunities, training schemes, graduate internships, stipends and awards, the project will strengthen the capacity of journalists and journalism students to report sensitively on those issues and promote positive attitudes towards migrants and refugees across the general public.

Online course

8-week online course on development, minorities and migration for 200 journalists and journalism students.

Site visits

 7-day face-to-face training and site visits to urgent frontline EU arrival points and Africa.


National high-profile roundtables on development journalism for senior media professionals.


Annual editorial awards for outstanding development journalism.


1-month internships for journalism students graduates of online training at national media outlets.


Offering stipends to most active online trainees for investigative reporting projects.

Media getherings

International high-profile media gatherings on development journalism for senior media professionals.


Journalists, journalism students and NGO media officers – (including photo-journalists, editors, media students, students with an interest in media, journalism, development and foreign affairs, bloggers, online media makers and filmmakers).

Applicants must be from / based in: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia with a proven interest in and including a record of published articles on development, minorities and/or migration and a commitment to extending their professional expertise.

Candidates from a minority, indigenous or migrant background are in particular encouraged to apply.


Why take part in this course?

  • Gain a new angle for your stories and gain a better understanding of what lies behind the political issues in the world’s migration hot spots.
  • An opportunity to report on exclusive international development and foreign affairs stories on the ground through first-hand contact with minorities, indigenous peoples and migrant communities in Africa and Europe.
  • Reflect the real issues more accurately in your writing about aid programmes and humanitarian assistance from the European Union and your country.
  • Report more effectively and ethically on development and minority rights and migration.
  • Gain resources, contacts and tools for covering issues on international development and the global South.

How to apply?

In order to apply fill the online application form.

For more information please visit the official website.

If you have any questions or if you need more information, please, contact country coordinators:

Project coordinator: Anna Alboth –

Bulgaria: Stanimira Hadjimitova

Poland: Dobroslawa Wiktor –

Slovakia: Peter Ivanic –