IVVN Female Fellowship Awards 2018

Deadline: 28 September 2018
Open to: post-doctoral female applicants from one of LMIC countries
Fellowship: fully funded


Women are underrepresented in science, particularly in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs), therefore to support the professional development of female scientists, the IVVN will fund fellowships for female post-doctoral researchers working at an LMIC-based research organization (‘Mentee’) to work with a principal investigator (‘Mentor’) in the UK.

Fellowships are available to carry out a defined piece of work that addresses a key bottleneck preventing the development of vaccines for livestock and zoonotic diseases of importance in LMICs.


  • Funding is for female, post-doctoral (or individuals who will have obtained their Ph.D. before the fellowship begins) IVVN members who are from an LMIC country and working at an LMIC-based research organization;
  • Both the Mentee and Mentor must be members of the IVVN; membership is free and available here;


The IVVN has GBP 100,000 of fellowship funding and expects to fund 2-3 projects.

Funding will cover:

  • salary;
  • travel;
  • accommodation;
  • consumables for the Mentee;
  • consumables and travel for the Mentor;

Importantly, capital will be available to allow the Mentee to continue research at their institute.

The IVVN envisage that the fellowships will result in a strong Mentee-Mentor relationship, and will provide the Mentee with access to the necessary facilities and expertise to complete of a piece of work that furthers the career of the Mentee.

How to Apply?

The application form and associated documents must be submitted via e-mail on the closing date specified on the IVVN website to the Network Manager, Dr. Carly Hamilton, at IVVN@roslin.ed.ac.uk.

You will receive acknowledgment of your application within two working days of submission.

For more information please visit the official website.