World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue 2018

Deadline: 8 July 2018
Open to:  young adults aged 18 to 35, without distinction as to nationality
Venue: 28 – 30 September 2018,  Trieste, Italy


This classical scheme, belonging to Ethics and Practical Philosophy or Philosophy of Action, is still used to promote an open discussion on ethics and complexity today.

Which is the relationship between Good / goods, ends / values and happiness in a complex world in which the relations’ system is constantly expanding and opening new interaction networks?

During the Forum, participants will have the chance to discuss and put in comparison:

  • the foundations of an Ethics’ doctrine, the premises set in Western philosophy and in other systems of thinking about “virtue”, “values”, “duties” (and rights);
  • the issues that in each field of action represent or may be considered as approaches and “ethical” systems inasmuch as they have precise declinations of “Good” as their ends.
    Hence the question: how do specific approaches contribute to reconstitute, when possible and necessary, an “ethical” or “value-related” doctrine, having at its core practices and relations?
    Particularly, it will be interesting to see how the issues related to complexity will merge with those related to Ethics.
    Some keywords belonging to either of them may be “launched” to foster a reflection that, due to its own nature, will lead to very different directions, opening the debate and the chance to dialogue.

Here’s just a few suggestions, chosen among the many possible declination that can be dealt with from an “ethical” point of view:

  • code of behavior, or ethical code;
  • discipline;
  • cultural vs. natural and foundations of Ethics;
  • Ethics and dynamics of communication;
  • change / order;
  • education and learning;
  • social Ethics and public Ethics;
  • economic Ethics;
  • relationship;
  • responsibility.

Each of these topics involves many others the prospective speakers may present by clearly arguing their theories.

Papers are expected to carefully focus on the single aspects, moving from the authors’ areas of expertise and cultures.

The Forum is expected to foster an open discussion among all participants; they will be given in advance the papers’ booklet, so that they may productively take part into the debate’s plenary sessions.


  • The present call is addressed to young adults aged 18 to 35, without distinction as to nationality;
  • The Forum works will be conducted both in Italian and in English; simultaneous translation from/to both languages will be provided.


  • The Forum’s organization will provide a 4 nights accommodation (check-in on Sept. 27th, check-out on Oct. 1st). The offer includes lodging in shared rooms + breakfast;
  • The organization will provide the participants with all the necessary assistance regarding the visa release process (if needed) and the hospitality;
  • Selected speakers, on the other hand, are compelled to plan the itinerary and to purchase the travel tickets on their own;
  • Once the event is over, the organization will offer selected speakers a partial reimbursement – for their travel-related costs – whose amount won’t anyway exceed 70% of the costs related to the considered travel’ sections, neither it will exceed, in any case, 500 EUR per person.

How to Apply?

In order to apply, please fill the application form.

For more information please visit the official website.