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Master in European Project Planning and Management, 7th Edition – A Truly International Master

It is now possible to enroll in the 7th edition of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management.

A truly international Master. Since 2012, indeed, 130 graduate students of 40 nationalities, worldwide,  attended the master course. The involved lecturers come from 8 European countries. Internships are organized in 20 different countries throughout Europe.


The programme has a total duration of 5 months. It is organized in: 2 months in classroom, full time and 3 months as an international internship

The classroom programme is based on a constant integration between theory and practice.

International internships are guaranteed for all participants. 60 organizations based in 20 different countries throughout Europe offer internships to the Master students.

During the internship the master students work as European Project Manager Assistant.

The teaching staff is composed by experts of 8 different nationalities. They all have 15 to 25 years of professional experience in planning, managing, evaluating and auditing European projects.

Career destinations of the participants include planning of international initiatives funded by the EC, management of international projects, consulting as well as working in international organizations.

85% of the students involved in the previous editions of the Master course are currently working as international project managers all over the world. Their Testimonials and Success Stories are available  on the Master web site.

The International Master in European Project Planning and Management is organized and coordinated by Pixel, an international education and training institution involved, so far,  in over 95 projects funded by the European Commission.

Pixel is based in the beautiful city of Florence where the classroom course is held.

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