Volunteer Instagram Fulwisher

Deadline: 28 February 2018
Open to: international students
Benefits: work can be done remotely


Want to change the world for better, but not sure where to get started? Join Fulwish in this effort! Fulwish are a tiny team and they need your help to grow, and make the world better place to live. Fulwish are looking for a volunteer who can help them manage their Instagram profile. Fulwish is a platform where you can give away for free stuff you are not using and make someone really happy. Similarly, you can discover things that you would like to have available for free.


  • Believe in Fulwish’s mission;
  • Have 1-⁠2 hours a day to dedicate for work remotely;
  • Are self-⁠motivated and open-⁠minded to explore new things;
  • Want to learn, develop new skills;
  • Have some basic understanding of Instagram’s social media marketing;
  • Understood everything written here without dictionary.


  • Experience of joy when you see that number of wishes fulfilled growing. It’s really wonderful, trust us. Reading people’s stories can give you goosebumps;
  • Your work will never go for waste, you will be contributing to people and planet;
  • You have a chance to be impactful -⁠ you’ll be part of the decision making process to think of and execute new ideas;
  • You’ll learn a ton -⁠ startup gives you really unmatchable work experience. You’ll know what mistakes not to make and what opportunities to make use of. You can become a pro in that direction which we assign you.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you need to send your CV to this email -⁠ nini@fulwish.com

Official website: Fulwish.com