Fully Funded Innovation Program, Oslo Norway

Deadline: 15 February 2018
Open to: аpplicants from 15 – 25 years old
Venue: 25 March – 26 August 2018 Oslo, Norway 2018


The aim is for you and your team to create a real startup that helps solve the sustainable development goals and are economically viable. Brilliant individuals are put in international teams of three people and will go through 5 modules and 10 objectives in 5 months. 4,5 months is online and the two last weeks is in Oslo, Norway where you get a fully funded trip to meet mentors, your teammates and investors.

The program offers knowledge and tools in innovation, creativity and leadership. They train the teams to operate their own startups, as well as going from nothing to a fully fledged startup in 5 months. They provide close mentorship and follow with the innovation team, access to the YSI network of talents, partners and mentors. They also train the team’s to find the necessary information and help they need for themselves. The program will be facilitated online, primarily using an education platform named www.novoed.com.


  • Between 16-25 years of age;
  • All countries can apply;
  • Dedicated people with a real drive for solving the world problems;
  • People who are willing to make time and wants to create a real startup;
  • People with a proven track record of excellence in resilience, drive, and who are passionately able to use their skills and knowledge towards a project of any kind;
  • Open minded people who are willing to understand different walks of life, see things in a new perspective, and with an intention of creating a positive impact;
  • People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, and bold enough to actually do it;
  • People who don’t get discouraged by creating a startup remotely with new people from different continents;
  • People who can make decisions and keep their cool under extreme uncertainty.


YSI programs are 100% free for all participants and it is a fully funded trip to Oslo, including flight, accommodation and food. You will live in Oslo for two weeks in August. It does, however, take a lot of time, and it’s expected to use between 15 and 35 hours each week from April 2nd – August 26th.

  • All expenses covered (Flight, food, and accommodations) and trip to Norway;
  • Meet the entrepreneurial community of Oslo, Norway;
  • Learn about and get training in creativity, innovation, teamwork, and leadership;
  • Mentors, access to investors, and some of the best talents under 25 years in the world in your team;
  • Learn about innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship through action and our curriculum;
  • A golden chance to create a real startup tackling the sustainable development goals;
  • Learn to work online, with a diverse team;
  • Get access to a huge network of young talents and a community of driven people;

How to Apply?

In order to apply fill the application form.

For more information please visit the official website.