5 Basic Social Media Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is the best way to get attention of people on social networking sites. These stories emotionally connect people and they share them instantly. Don’t forget about the visual story – same templates, same font, colours and a way how to communicate with your target group.

2. Emotions

Use emotions and feelings in your communication because it’s more important than you think. You can get closer to your target group and people will simply like you because you are sharing more than a content.

3. Content and type of posting 

Use different types of posts on your Facebook profile to make your communication much more interesting. Share current photos from the events or simply from the meetings when you drink a coffee with your team. Share useful information that would be interesting for your target group. Make your content helpful, relevant, authentic, quality, engaging, unique and entertaining. Don’t forget about creating a content calendar for easier way of posting at Social Media.

4. Digital tools

There are many digital tools that you can find for free on Internet

  • Canva – userfriendly online digital tools that can help you with graphic design
  • Pixlr – digital tool with editing pictures and photos … Just take a look 😉

5. Instagram

Don’t hesitate to use other social media networks to reach your target group. Instagram is great for sharing pictures and furthermore visual communication can reach your target group even more that you think. Using hastags can help you to promote your posts and people can get find your organization easily.

This article is created from the participants of the training course “Megaphone: Tune Up Your Voice Louder!”, Vienna.