GATHER Fellowship Application

Deadline: 15 November 2017
Open to: social entrepreneurs and social influencers
Fellowship: all costs are covered by the GATHER Fellowship


The GATHER Fellowship is an investment in practical idealism. GATHER was founded with the understanding that intractable challenges need to be addressed from a variety of angles. They support social entrepreneurs because we believe that innovative and sustainable solutions are necessary to create longstanding change. They support social influencers because they believe that change cannot be made in a vacuum and that individuals with public platforms are crucial for spreading a message and creating change en masse.

They want to invest in the work and ideas of our alumni and other leaders advancing change across the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the United States.

As a GATHER Fellow, you will become part of a premiere cohort of local and global change-agents. Leadership can be a lonely business—GATHER is therefore intentionally designed to support you and your work within the context of a trusting community. You will be provided with the personalized support to advance your work, tools to hone your professional skillset, and access to a pool of funds to expand your impact.


The GATHER Fellowship invests in an accomplished, innovative, and diverse cohort from different sectors and backgrounds. The selection of Fellows is guided by:


  • Proven Ability: Personal experience, familiarity with the issue at hand, tools, and passion necessary to achieve stated impact;
  • Leadership & Teamwork: Ability to communicate new ideas, influence others, and work collaboratively to maximize collective resources;
  • Clarity of Purpose: Clearly defined response to the GATHER Challenge that relates to core conflict issues and a strategically designed plan of action;
  • Commitment: Full and active participation in all program elements. GATHER Fellows are expected to be in full-attendance at in-person convenings in addition to 5-7 hours of monthly programming.

Social Entrepreneurs 

  • Proof of Concept: You should be developing a social venture or running an existing social venture with a developed prototype, pilot or other evidence that demonstrates the viability of the idea and its potential to create change;
  • Financial Sustainability: A clearly articulated financially sustainable venture model—either existing or readily implementable.”

Social Influencers

  • Campaign: You are in a position of influence and running or developing a public campaign that looks to engage others in tackling the GATHER Challenge;
  • Megaphone: Access to an effective public platform (virtual, artistic, or otherwise) wherein your message can be spread & access to an existing or developing community of individuals who can be rallied to amplify your impact.


All associated costs are covered by the GATHER Fellowship.

How to apply?

In order to apply, please fill the application.

For more information, please visit the official web page.

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