PhD scholarship at Dublin City University

Deadline: 18 of September 2017
Open to: PhD students
Scholarship: help for 2 candidates to apply by offering institutional support and advicing you on research design. The Irish Research Council will then make a decision and, if your application is supported, you will receive a PhD scholarship and support for research expenses to work with us to SHADOW for 2018-2022


Extending from Eastern Europe to Eastern Asia, from the Caucasus to Central Asia, the post-USSR region, occupying almost one sixth of the world’s territory, has an immense potential for the EU as source of natural resources and potential market for EU companies. In spite of this, the region is often seen as a highly hazardous one to deal with, given its “uncertain business and investment climate with widespread opportunism and corruption, misuse and misappropriation of state assets and conflicting information flow”.
SHADOW is a research and training programme with the goal of producing strategic intelligence on the region and train a generation of specialists on informality in post-Soviet spaces. Our goals are two-fold: 1) we intend to construct an index to provide an accurate measurement of the level of shadow activities in our target countries; 2) we aim to conceptualize a taxonomy of shadow practices in the post-USSR region in a cross-country and cross-regional perspective. Both goals are intended to contribute to a much better understanding of the threats and opportunities that the former USSR region, of fundamental importance for the EU, offers.


  • The Dublin City University is selecting a perspective PhD student to apply for the Government of Ireland scholarship  to complete a PhD thesis in the frame of the project under the supervision of Dr Abel Polese;
  • All EU citizens are eligible for this scholarship.


This programme offers scholarships for suitably qualified individuals to pursue a research master’s or PhD (either traditional or structured), in any discipline, at eligible higher education institutions in Ireland. In addition, a number of targeted scholarships are offered in collaboration with our strategic funding partners.

How to apply?

In the first instance, applicants are advised to consult the 2018 Terms and Conditions and Guide for Applicants. Applicants seeking further clarification are then recommended to contact the research office in their respective higher education institution. If unable to provide clarity, the research office should send questions to for answer through the frequently asked questions (FAQ) process.
Applicants must send their CV and one abstract of the topic of your choice to If awarded the scholarship, you are expected to start in September 2018.
For more information, please visit the official website.

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