The Model Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Deadline: 03 September 2017
Open to: citizens of any of the 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Partner countries
Venue: Yangon & Naypyidaw, Myanmar


Applications are open for the 8th Model Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) taking place 15-20 November 2017 in Yangon and Naypyidaw, Myanmar, in conjunction with the 13th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM FMM13). Model ASEM is your first-hand introduction to the exciting world of diplomacy, negotiation and international relations.

Being a simulation of the ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM FMM), at the Model ASEM you have the chance to step into the shoes of ASEM Foreign Ministers and along with other students, debate and exchange perspectives on current political and bi-regional issues. The Model ASEM series organised by ASEF is unique as it takes place in conjunction with official ASEM FMMs and hence provides you with a golden opportunity to personally interact with your Foreign Minister and government officials and/or of other ASEM countries.

The 8th Model ASEM is built on 3 programme elements:

  • Online Preparatory Phase (ca. 6 weeks);
  • 4-day conference in Yangon and Naypyidaw;
  • 13th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.


  • Citizens of any of the 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Partner countries;
  • University students from all levels (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) and all disciplines, between the ages of 18-30, with a sincere interest in international relations;
  • The conference will be conducted in English only, and therefore requires strong verbal and written command of English by all participants.

150 participants will be selected through an Open Call. The screening process will ensure a non-discriminative approach assuring an even geographic representation, gender balance and fair access to the opportunity for all.


  • Opportunity to interact with ASEM Foreign Ministers and Officials: You will have the rare chance to meet and interact with ASEM Foreign Ministers and Delegation members as well as with representatives of ASEM Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations;
  • Diplomacy skills-training: Our renowned think-tank partners and experienced alumni will train you to master the skills of public speaking, negotiation, team-work, problem solving, policy, advocacy and consensus-building;
  • Contribute to the ASEM Process: The outcomes of the 8th Model ASEM will contribute to the ASEM process and highlight the important role you’ve played in participating in the political dialogue between Asia and Europe;
  • Accommodation, meals and travel subsidy will be provided.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should apply via the online application form. There is no registration fee.

For more information please visit the official website.

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