Summer Academy for Diplomacy and Diplomatic Protocol

Deadline: 14 August 2017
Open to: all students/candidates that need no visa to enter to the Republic of Kosovo
Venue: 19 – 21 August, Prishtina – Republic of Kosovo


The overall aim of this course will be to introduce students to the art of diplomacy in the Western tradition with an emphasis on the beginning of the 19th century through to contemporary international politics. In particular, the course will stress the evolution of the role of diplomacy, diplomatic communication, preventive diplomacy and coercive diplomacy over time and how such factors as technology, communications and ideology have impacted the efficacy of the diplomatic process. Students will be shown the relationship of diplomacy to the political system, especially how the ambassador’s role is rooted in constitutions and international norms. The course will provide a clear account of the shape and functions of the world diplomatic system as it stands at the beginning of the 21st century: what it is, what it does, and why it is important.

The course aims to provide knowledge of the nature of diplomacy; when diplomacy is appropriate; the advantages and disadvantages of different diplomatic methods; and the lexicon of diplomacy. Students will be given a strong grasp of the nature of diplomacy conceived as a specialized professional activity developed over many centuries, and be able to defend its value with authority and enthusiasm.

The course will not have a final exam. Instead, students will be expected to raise a series of short papers/topics throughout the sessions, engage in two in-class debate and participation activities and submit a final paper. The final paper shall be an examination of one particular diplomat and a crisis that he or she dealt with. More information shall be given in class.


The Summer Academy is open for:

  • All students/candidates that need no visa to enter to the Republic of Kosovo;
  • Students with different academic backgrounds and a general interest in negotiation, diplomacy, diplomatic correspondence and international relations will benefit from each other in an intercultural and interdisciplinary learning process;
  • The course does not require special knowledge about international relations, diplomacy, international negotiations, history or culture, but participants should be interested in more than just their field of specialization. In class participation, especially in the discussions with experts, is essential for the course success and plays an important role in grading.

The previous groups contains participants from: UN international staff, EUCFSP staff, representatives from European governments, military officers, civil society officers, young professionals, students from BA MA and PhD levels from all over the world.


Thanks for supporters and donors, ADP will offer three 100% scholarships (that covers participation fee to the academy).

The tuition fee covers: reading materials, lectures, coffee breaks, certification, study visits.

The regular costs for participation are:

  • Tuition fee for Kosovo students/participants is 45 EUR;
  • The tuition fee for non-Kosovo students/participants is 45 EUR.

ADP team can assist to find best accommodation in Prishtina for the cheapest price.

How to apply?

All participants must send their CV and Motivational Letter to by 14 August 2017 at 24:00.

For more information and registration please contact the ADP team at or on these phone numbers: +37745603619 and +38649580344.

For more information please visit the official FB event.

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