Turn Into Powerful Youth Worker Through Media Technology

Deadline: 29 August 2017
Open to: youth workers from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Spain
Venue: 11-19 November 2017, Larnaca – Cyprus


This project will assist youth workers to acquire tools for discovering their potentials. With the use of digital and media technology, in accordance to non formal learning, can develop social, creativity/entrepreneurial and innovating skills among youth workers.

The project ”Turn into powerful youth worker through media technology” aims to increase awareness on how media technology through NFL can enhance youth workers to discover their potentials and turn into more effective professionally and personally.

All partners with 25 youth workers (Cyprus, Italy, FYROM, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Malta, Greece) during the project and activity week intend to share and feel the power of media technology through non formal learning and collaborative methods (plenary sessions, discussions, workshops, brainstorming, simulation games). Mainly the participants will work all together using media technology (photo shooting, video capture, media editing, web design, social media use, tabloids and internet technology) in order to reach the objectives. Experts to support the learning (on IT software, video editors etc) with presentations and providing feedback will be invited to the training.

During the training week the participants will share experiences, point out ways and present tools which can support them to discover their potentials, raise their self-esteem and find the way out to self and professional development. Moreover, special attention and focus will be given to the relation of the development of key competences, through NFL approaches, for supporting social inclusion and enhancing fruitful future collaboration within local and wider lifelong communities.


  • To develop digital and media competences to youth workers with fewer opportunities;
  • To improve foreign language through the use of digital and media technology;
  • To support the development of the sense of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship through media technology as ways of supporting employability;
  • To improve self-confidence skills in participants using techniques of good communication, group dynamics, negotiation and decision making;
  • To improve social competence for enhancing social inclusion;
  • To promote modern visibility tools of knowledge about youth networks and management structures on the European level in future projects;
  • To inform participants about opportunities and to develop new projects/partnerships under the Erasmus+Programme;
  • To have all participants to act as multipliers on how media technology through NFL can influence positively society progress and how experience through E+ can support them to assist youngsters more efficiently.


The suitable candidates would be youth workers:

  • With basic skills on media technology;
  • Who are with fewer opportunities due to geographical, health, social and economical obstacles who carry an increased will to find their potentials and be developed into more efficient in their field through NFL;
  • Coming from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Spain.


  • Travel expenses (train, bus, airplane) will be covered according to E+2016 distance band calculator and eligible budget:
    • Malta, Greece, Italy, Romania, FYROM, Bulgaria: 275 euro;
    • Spain: 530 euro.
  • Accommodation and meals will be covered at 100% at a hotel in Larnaca. Participants will share 3 beds bedrooms.
  • There is no participation fee.

How to apply?

If you have any questions please contact neci.eu@gmail.com

Please find the application form here.

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