Research Seminar in American History

Deadline: 15 September 2017
Open to: phD candidates whose work covers the history, politics, or culture of the United States
Venue: Middleburg, Netherlands


The RIAS will host a  Research Seminar in American History for current PhD students whose work covers the history, politics, or culture of the United States.
Since 2003, the RIAS and its predecessor, the Roosevelt Study Center, has organized annual seminars for PhD students pursuing research in its areas of interest. Past participants have included students from leading universities across Europe and the United States.

The next edition of the seminar will be held on 15-17 November 2017.

Participants will present their paper and contextualize it within their research project in 10 minutes. Each presentation is followed by a group discussion of approximately 40 minutes, providing an opportunity for extensive feedback. The research papers will be circulated prior to the seminar.


  • Applications from current Ph.D. candidates whose research covers any aspect of US culture, society, politics, or foreign relations in the 19th and 20th centuries;
  • Proposals for research papers, or for papers that give an overview of the Ph.D.project in its entirety.


  • The applicants whose research papers have been chosen for the seminar will be invited to attend;
  • Accommodation and meals in Middelburg will be covered by the RIAS;
  • Applicants are expected to cover their own travel expenses.

How to apply?

Applicants are invited to submit their proposals, consisting of a 300-word abstract and a CV, no later than Friday, 15 September 2017, to the seminar coordinator, Dr Cees Heere, at

Those selected to participate should be prepared to submit a full-length paper (max. 7,500 words) by 30 October 2017. Papers will be circulated in advance, and each participant is expected to provide feedback for the other papers, or be familiar with them in advance.

For more information please contact the project coordinator or visit the official website.

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